Today’s Rhinoplasty: New Methods, Concerns, and Solutions

Today’s Rhinoplasty: New Methods, Concerns, and Solutions

Rhinoplasty is becoming common practice as time goes on. The procedure targets more than the appearance of one’s nose. This operation is key to regaining its daily function. Every patient differs. Still, the range of control we have allows changes to the appearance of the nose and how it works.

The popularity of the nose job has lead professionals to be more diverse about how it’s done. The reasons to get rhinoplasty include small changes to make you happy with how you look. You may have heard the stereotypes about why a “nose job” is desirable.

It can provide effective changes to reverse years of discomfort or the sense of looking out of place. Now more than ever, specialists have tweaked the procedure for various nationalities. Experts, like Dr. Ran Y. Rubinstein, include Asian, Latin, and African Americans as unique patients to treat. The difference in these facial structures leads professionals to adjust their methods.

Rhinoplasty methods change not only for the wants of different ethnic groups. Each has its own unique biological makeup. Reducing structure or taking away bone may not be the look an African American patient needs. For this, we have the right adjustments to prove this procedure as an option for everyone.

Everyone differs and so do their desired looks. The space you want removed or enlarged is a matter of taste. Some operations lead to greater use of the nasal cavities. Start by reading the following for an idea of how to get started.

What A Rhinoplasty Can Help In

Here’s a look into the many issues a nose job can address:

Width/ Angle/ Deduction

The reduction of a wide nose is possible. Ask if you prefer a change in the distance your nose sits from your lips or if its symmetry doesn’t quite match your lips. The angle your bridge rests at is an example. We can adjust this to take less away from facial structures and to keep attention away from the nose.


You may have been active in sports throughout your life. Injuries also occur in the day-to-day lives of our patients. Deformities from trauma reverse with the right plan and procedure.


Breathing is a central area of concern for us to cover. Improving your health is our first plan of action. We work to improve the way nasal cavities get air to flow in and out of your nostrils. This is true for reconstructive or cosmetic operations.

Bumps and removals

Unwanted deformities, like bumps and crevices, get removed through rhinoplasty. These may have been with you for a long time, and a simple procedure is all it takes to get rid of them.

Birth complications

Some birth challenges lead to surgery at young ages. Living with these scars or defects could mean that you’ve never had a “normal” nose to work with. Plastic surgery is an option. This surgery has been successful in millions of cases both complicated and severe. We have enough experience to achieve what you have in mind.

The Open or Closed Approach

The surgery you undergo dictates how we achieve your end results. We may find your needs to be small and few. A slight change to your nasal structure requires little work. Big changes are possible but lead us to make different cuts and incisions.

The closed method results in less time to recuperate after an operation. The cuts get made inside of the nose and won’t be visible to the public. This process achieves your goals by stretching your skin as we work inside of your nose. Open procedures make a cut on the bridge of the nose or the septum to open things up.

We achieve greater accuracy as all parts of the nose and cavity get left exposed. We then fold the skin of the nose back to see what we need. Doing so protects the nasal cartilages from distorting as we work. We won’t have to push and tug at the skin and bone.

Common Patient Concerns

Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists provide top quality nose jobs to African Americans, for their needs go beyond how they look. We also have the means. Many of our clients get determined to find better functionality along with appearance. Here are difficulties they face that we take into account:


A concern for African American patients is staying relevant to their natural selves. They don’t want to look Caucasian but want to take advantage of what modern surgery can do. We work with biological differences.

Wider nostrils

This is a common challenge we target. Doing so reduces the impression the nose makes. Reduction gives our patients a simple, subtle appearance that’s true to their identities.

More skin

Getting rid of excess skin allows us to make your nose look slimmer and to reduce any chance of future sagging.

Short tips

Getting a straight appearance to your nose is possible by extending the tip in small pieces. You’ll find that the tip drops over when you have a shortened profile.

The Right Expert For You

We understand the balance between making alterations and keeping your identity natural. This is what ethnic rhinoplasty is and why it emerges with popularity and results. It’s altering your nasal structures without you losing your specific look.

Our staff is ready to make an impact and to provide you with life-changing results today. Get in touch with us now, and let’s put your solutions together in no time.

Dr. Ran Y. Rubinstein has over a decade of experience in cosmetic treatments, such as rhinoplasty in the Hudson Valley area, where his practice is located. A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rubinstein is also an experienced ENT & sinus specialist. Dr. Rubinstein’s practice is praised for not only great results but also the great patient care provided. Visit his site for more information on Dr. Rubinstein and his staff at Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Specialists.


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