The Ultimate Checklist For Corporate Event Planning

The Ultimate Checklist For Corporate Event Planning

Great planning is the key to successful execution.

Corporate events are organised for the employees, prospective clients and business partners to inform and entertain them; from conferences, to seminars, to trade shows to team building events, to product launch events. A well-organised event does look effortless on the surface but behind it is a lot of hard work and research involved. Organising a successful event requires paying attention to details, planning skills, management skills and the ability to achieve the set goal.

Corporate events are organised to increase a brand’s value. It is about keeping your brand in limelight and reaching out to your target audience in the right way. Brand exposure is important for spreading brand awareness, and corporate events are the way to reach out to the clients. Corporate events are the most effective path to grow any brand and even a small error in the execution process can hamper your brand’s reputation.

Enlisted below are six key areas you need to work upon to organise an engaging corporate event.

Define the purpose of the event

Is it a product launch, a seminar or a conference? You need to identify the agenda of your event. It will not only help you to identify what kind of gathering are you preparing yourself for. But will also help you decide the theme that will be suitable for the brand. Without a clear purpose, you have the tendency to attract a few stragglers rather than reaching out to your target audience. So, the primary step is to define the purpose of the event you are hosting.

Identify the Target Audience

Be specific about your target audience. Inviting many differing audiences to bulk up the event is often the biggest mistake that people make. Corporate events are always about enhancing the market presence of your brand. So, your goal should be focusing on the people that can make a difference to your business. The events will be marketed effectively only when you have a clear vision of whom your event will be tailored to.

Set a budget

Once you have calculated the number of people you are planning to invite, the next step is to set a budget for the gathering. The expenses can go beyond if you do not decide upon the budget. You need to list down all possible expenses to know how much money will be required to organise the event. So, fix a budget and make sure you go by that.

Do the research

If there is a market that you intend to reach out to, a market analysis is must before organising an event. The research should be about the audience that you are targeting. Define different segments about your target audience – their age group, sex, lifestyle, industry, knowledge level, interests, etc etc. You need to interact with the people in the know rather than just staying in your own bubble.

Entertain your audience

Apart from the venue and the decor, the success of the event depends on how you entertain the audience. Making your event fun is a step towards increasing the audience engagement. Engagement not in terms of just fun activities but also in terms of discovering various market trends. You can interact with your audience by engaging influencers, having live polls, or maybe by hosting a Q&A. Your audience should be involved on all occasions and be able to relate to your content. You have to keep the ball rolling.

Market your event well

Effective marketing is essential. The goal is to market the brand well and increase the brand presence in the market. Newsletters, Posters, press releases, hoardings, social media promotion and all the other offline and online marketing avenues can be explored to ensure maximum results. Make sure you strategically exploit all the options available to you. It will also give you an idea about when to give out a newspaper article and how much time you should dedicate to your social media accounts. Achieve your targets by wisely utilising the space and all the opportunities that come your  way.


Plan according to the type of event you are hosting. Not every corporate event is like any other away days event. Think strategically and learn about the opportunities for brand development and growth in a formal corporate event. There is nothing like an effortless corporate event. So, be thoroughly prepared to handle the event with utmost care and just focus on guest satisfaction.


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