The Ultimate Checklist For A Stunning Living Room

blue living roomLiving rooms are my favourite rooms to decorate as the potential is endless. You can walk into one home and be blown away by their stunning living room, then walk into another and see an entirely different design, but still be blown away! 

There’s a diversity here that’s hard to find in any other room in your house. With that being said, all living rooms will contain the same essential elements. If you’re planning to design yours, then here’s a checklist you need: 


No living room is complete without a sofa. You can have one without armchairs, but a living area feels empty if there’s no sofa present. Choosing your sofa is arguably the biggest decision as it impacts the rest of the room. My only advice is to pick something reliable and high-quality like Buoyant Furniture. This is a big investment, so it makes sense to go all out and get the best sofa you can afford. It needs to make a statement and tie the rest of the room together. 


There has to be space in your living room. You can’t cram it full of too many things as it becomes cramped and cluttered. A living room should have the perfect balance between providing ample room but not being too empty. 

Natural Light

Lighting is a vital element of your living space. While the various lighting options you choose are crucial, natural light is the most important. You must design the area to let in as much natural light as you can. It brings a freshness to the living room and makes it feel more homely. 

Carpet or Rugs

Choosing your living room flooring is another huge decision. Personally, I’m torn between carpet and a hardwood/laminate floor. I love carpet because it’s soft underfoot and can make the living room feel cosier. However, the other options provide a more modern edge to the place. For me, if you don’t opt for carpet, then you need a rug on your hard floor. This adds the comfort element of the carpet while retaining the modernity of the other flooring style. 

Coffee Tables

Again, I really don’t think a living room is complete without some coffee tables. There are many ways you can use them, and it’s up to you to decide how. The obvious idea is to have a big coffee table in the centre of your living area. It creates a focal point and can be used to keep coffee table books and other things for decorative purposes. Alternatively, you can have smaller ones that sit next to the sofa or chairs. If you have enough space, you may choose both! Personally, I think tables are the ideal accessory for the living room as they tie things together and make it look classy. 


This is my checklist for a stunning living room, and I’m sure there are specific things that might be missing! In my opinion, these are the key elements that every living room should have. From here, you can build on these ideas and add any extra things that you like. 

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