The Five Tips You Need for Designing a Winning Digital Gaming Room

The Five Tips You Need for Designing a Winning Digital Gaming Room

If you’re an avid digital gamer, you owe it to yourself to have a relaxing and comfortable space set up in your home to game. 

While gaming in the living room or bedroom has its place, such environments quickly become less optimal when noisy family members are around. 

A dedicated digital game room, by contrast, gives you the perfect spot to experience your gaming sessions in a prime environment. 

Let’s take a look at five essential tips you should consider when designing your ultimate digital game room. 

Get Comfortable

Being comfortable in your digital gaming environment is a critical design element. If your space looks great but doesn’t feel amazing, you won’t want to spend much time there. 

You’re probably going to be sitting the majority of the time. Stock your game room with soft chairs that offer proper back and spine support. You don’t want to end prolonged gaming sessions with back pain!

A comfy couch is a great addition to your game room if you have space. Your friends will appreciate the group seating when they come over to play. The right couch also makes the vibe of your room pop. 

The Right Technology

Tech is the heart of digital gaming. You’ll want to make sure you have enough computer horsepower to optimally interact with the latest and greatest games. This means investing in a gaming desktop or laptop that has plenty of system resources like CPU, GPU, and RAM. 

Consider locating a wireless router in your game room or hardwiring computers to your router for maximum network throughput. 

You may also want to grab organizing containers like storage bins or shelving/drawer units to keep your cables, headsets, and other devices neat and tidy. 

Shine a Light on Your Space

You’ll need to provide adequate lighting if your digital gaming space doesn’t receive much natural light. We realize some gamers like playing in the dark, but it’s not worth putting your vision at risk. 

Stand lamps that emit soft light and are easy to move work awesomely in game rooms. They’re cheaper than lighting fixtures and allow you to experiment with placement so you can find the optimal lighting arrangement. 

Showcase Your Gaming Identity

The digital gaming universe is more enormous than ever. Think of your new game space as a multi-genre arcade.

For example, you could have some vintage consoles on hand, an arcade cabinet classic like Pac-Man, VR headsets, and an online system for playing WoW and Fortnite.

If you enjoy poker, roulette, or slots, consider having a computer dedicated to playing online casinos. Sites like Oddschecker give you free bonus offers from a variety of online casinos so you can easily find a favorite.

Get creative with the types of digital games and platforms in your space. You and your gamer buddies will never get bored when there’s a variety of games to choose from. 

Keep it Breezy

The need for cooling is an important but often overlooked aspect of digital game room design. Modern gaming systems emit a lot of heat. You’ll want to make sure your devices get enough external cooling to function properly.

Your game room should have adequate airflow and cooling sources. 

Blasting the AC is one solution, but it can get expensive. We suggest using multiple fans and opening windows from time to time. 


*Written in collaboration with Daniela Quaglio 


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