The benefits of a Babymoon

Babymoon in Lake Garda

Babymoon in Lake Garda

I was looking at some of our past holiday photos the other day, and came across ones of our holiday in Lake Garda was like when we traveled there for a week, almost exactly two years ago to the day. I was 32 weeks pregnant, and we decided to bring forward our previously booked trip to Italy so I would still be eligible to fly, and so that we could enjoy a proper ‘Babymoon’ before we became a family of 5. 

Being pregnant is a joyful experience for many mums-to-be, but it’s also a time of huge change, both for your body and for your general routine and pastimes. There are foods you can’t eat, possibly sporting activities that have to be put to one side for several months, and if you have a wine or gin habit to unwind you can kiss goodbye to that! Of course I’m not moaning (much) as all these sacrifices are worth it, but two years ago it was SO lovely to have something to look forward to on the RnR front, and I was literally counting down the days to our holiday before baby number 3 arrived. 

Our Babymoon might not have been as relaxing as some people’s as we had two other children in tow, but I really relished letting Adam take over the child-wrangling, and enjoyed some time by the pool, putting my feet up and reading a book, and dinners out in the resort restaurant overlooking the lake. 

Babymoon in Lake Garda

If you’re pregnant and you too are considering a Babymoon of your own, then you’re in good company!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry chose Morocco for their final break before the royal baby arrives, which is an ideal Babymoon destination (only a short 3½ hour flight from the UK) and offers a blend of culture, as well as the perfect setting for some pre-baby rest and relaxation. 

There has definitely been a growing interest in Babymoon holidays with a 52% increase in online searches over the last 3 years. With a nod to this the team at Loveholidays have created a handy online tool to help pregnant customers choose a destination for a pre-baby holiday based around their due date.

This unique Loveholidays Babymoon Finder helps guide customers to a range of holiday options that are suitable, including how long/far they want to fly for and different types of holiday options that are available for mums-to-be. 

So if you’re pregnant and fancy a holiday what are you waiting for? Get that pampering and extra rest in before your little one arrives!

If you’ve been on a ‘Babymoon’ before, where did you go? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


*Post in collaboration with Loveholidays

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