Taking the #TyreChallenge with KwikFit (and here’s how I did!) – Collaboration

Taking the #TyreChallenge with KwikFit (and here’s how I did!) – Collaboration

Whilst I like to think I’m a pretty decent driver, having passed first time and now having had nearly 18 years behind the wheel under my belt, I think there are definitely aspects of being a responsible driver that I could work on. 

I hold my hands up that when it comes to my car maintenance I could certainly brush up my knowledge (I took my test in the days before you had to do a practical ‘under bonnet’ test alongside your practical and theory- that makes me feel very old!). I can definitely top up water and oil, and I think I know my stuff when it comes to making sure my tyres are at the right pressure but if i’m totally honest I don’t think I’m 100% confident in this area.

It’s funny how you can drive and look after a vehicle every day but still don’t always really know it as well as you could…

When Kwik Fit asked me if I’d take their #TyreChallenge to see how much I know about tyres and tyre safety, I must admit I wasn’t overly confident. 

And turns out, I was right not to be- I only scored 4 out of 10, eek! 

I have a LOT to learn about tyre safety, and it’s actually been a big wake up call that I need to learn more about vehicle safety, especially when I drive and ferry the kids about a heck of a lot. We go on road trips a fair bit (we’ve just come back from a family break in Dorset which is about 150 miles from us), and one thing I do do is always make sure the car tyres are at the right pressure and all look okay before we head off. We also check our spare tyre in the boot too!

Why don’t you give the KwikFit tyre challenge a go and see how much you know about car tyres? 

I bet you’ll be surprised! 


*In collaboration with KwikFit


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