Take the time to talk

Take the time to talk

The weather is one of the most boring topics of conversation. Yet, everybody falls back onto the weather chat because it’s the most convenient subject. Weather is a real-world placeholder that most of us use instead of engaging in a meaningful conversation. Ultimately, complaining about the rain or praising the sun is part of our everyday. So much that the typical person will discuss the weather at least four times a day. It sounds mad, doesn’t it? 

But, even though human beings are social creatures, we don’t spend a lot of time talking to each other – and not to describe clouds at each other. It’s hard to open up and share our thoughts and knowledge with others, especially in a world that is fast-paced and digitally-focussed. However, there is a lot to gain in taking the time to talk to your friends and family. Not only could you transform your relationships, but you could also find out a lot about yourself and others. Are you ready to ditch the weather chat and finally talk? 

When something bothers you

Nothing is more frustrating than when something doesn’t work out the way you planned it. Whether you feel you were unfairly treated at work or whether you lovingly prepared meal accidentally burnt in the oven, frustration can hide in the most mundane events. Of course, more often than not, you find yourself pacing in the room or reaching out for a smoke vaping kit to release your anger. However, while these can provide short-term relief, you’d be surprised to know that the relief doesn’t last. Instead, talking about your issues can help to come up not only with a solution but also to find support from your friends and family. You can’t keep bottle up everything forever. Don’t be afraid to discuss what bothers you; it’s good for your soul! 


To share knowledge and fun

How many parents rely too often on technology to keep their kids entertained? There is nothing wrong with letting them play a suitable game on the table tor watch a kids program on TV. However, you’ll find that building a strong relationship with your child begins with finding time to share ideas and knowledge. Why not spend the afternoon baking together? You can find plenty of easy recipes to try together. But, more importantly, you can use it as an excuse to teach them what you know. Teaching new skills to your child is crucial to their personal growth and the development of your relationship. Indeed, it helps your child to see you as someone who can advise and guide them. Parents who spent a lot of time chatting and sharing tips with their children are more likely to maintain a positive relationship through the troubled teenage years! 

To understand what you want

Do you know your thoughts? You might think you do, but do a simple experiment: Start voicing out your ideas. At first, you might find the process disturbing. You’re forced to slow down. But as you do, you realize that you can spend more time developing your thoughts and engaging with your brain. Admittedly, it may not be the best approach in a public space. However, talking to yourself when you’re trying to solve a tricky problem or when you’re wondering what to do next can be helpful. 

It shows you care

“Hey, are you okay?”

You don’t need to know people to interact with them. Approaching someone in the street who seems to be struggling can change both their day and yours. Kindness doesn’t need to come at a price. It’s all about caring for each other, which is something you can do entirely for free. But, more importantly, it’s a simple enough process. You only need to acknowledge them. From greeting to offering help if you can, talking helps to connect people. It transcends pain and isolation by bringing people together. 

It reinforces your bond

Happy couples need to talk. However, couples are often trapped in a fast-paced life that can affect their relationship. Most people find it challenging to engage in a conversation when they disagree about their partner’s choices or don’t know how to spare their feelings. However, talking is the way to move past obstacles and support each other. It is a mistake to believe that you should have the same opinions about everything to be happy. In reality, you can and should embrace your differences and learn to respect them. Your conversations can be enriching and positive if you’re willing to engage respectfully and listen to each other. 

Forget social media likes and status updates; it’s time to sit down and have a chat. Between partners or with friends, talking is a powerful tool, not only of communication but of love and respect too. Use it abundantly! 



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