Styling your home ethically with Sukhi

Styling your home ethically with Sukhi

As you have probably gathered by now, one of my main passions/hobbies is interiors and styling and renovating our home. I love reading blogs, perusing Instagram and trawling Pinterest for ideas and easy (and not so easy!) ways to update it. But all this inspiration and choice (and often enticing low prices) from both High Street and designers can sit a little uneasy with me- how do we know exactly where our homeware items are coming from, and that they’re made in an ethical way? We are more ethically savvy now when it comes to where we buy our clothes from, and many clothing stores have followed suit, ensuring better conditions for the people who make the clothes, but what about that lamp you love? Or your favourite cushions? 

It’s something I’m trying to pay more attention to when I shop for our home, and also I’m looking more for things that are going to have better longevity style-wise and quality-wise. I think this is becoming more and more important in our throwaway culture, and we’re all responsible for doing our bit for the planet.

Right, lecture over! 

I love a good rug, and was therefore delighted to discover more about Sukhi, a rug company who puts ethics at the heart of their business. As well as having some REALLY lovely rugs (the Beni Ourain rugs are my favourites I think!), you know that when you buy one from them that it is handmade and coming directly from the person who made it, and who has created it in good working conditions (something that’s very important to the Sukhi team). 

In Nepali, Sukhi means happy, and happy producers and customers is what Sukhi wants! They work directly with the people who create the rugs, and therefore get lower prices. There are no warehouses, physical stores or any middlemen bumping up the prices.

Just gorgeous rugs.

All rugs are customisable, which is a bonus as you can then buy to suit any space.

Here are my favourites from Sukhi…

The ‘Aicha’

This rather lovely high-pile rug is not dissimilar to an Instagram favourite (and one I have myself) but looks much better quality if I’m honest! The Aicha is a handmade rug is straight from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and is a bit of a design classic that would look great in any living room or bedroom (see top pic too). 

The Khadija

The Khadija Khadija is a beautiful Beni Ourain white rug with black diamond patterns. The usual finish is a flat black and white weave with fringes, and it’s made by hand from 100% natural sheep wool. 

The Naima

The Naima is a beautiful grey Beni Ourain rug, and I love how the plant ‘pops’ against it here. I would love this in our living room, and the grey colour is definitely family-friendly too when it comes to hiding any potential child-related stains!

The Berber

The Berber is the perfect option for adding a splash of colour to your home! I love how this adds a pop of colour, and it’s not often you get this style of rug in such a vibrant colour- I love it. Some of Sukhi’s rugs feature symbols, and did you know that they often tell the story of the weaver’s life? I had no idea! I love it when homeware items have a story behind them. 

Have you heard of Beni-Ourain style rugs before? Or indeed, Sukhi? Do you think about how you shop ethically for your home, or have you not given it that much thought before? 

I’d love to hear your views on having an ethically-styled home! 


*Thanks for Sukhi rugs for working with The Spirited Puddle Jumper

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  1. October 22, 2018 / 1:21 am

    Thank you for this beautiful post and for sharing our mission and the story behind Sukhi! 🙂 We are delighted that you like our Beni Ourain rugs as our wonderful artisans pour their heart and soul into making them. All of the mentioned rugs would look lovely and cozy in your home. 🙂

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