Steps for coping with anxiety

Steps for coping with anxiety

Anxiety is something that we can all experience at different times in our life. For some people it can be something that really stops them in their tracks, and can lead to things like panic attacks. But for others, it can be a feeling of unease, fear, and nervousness. How it presents itself can change, and it is different for different people. Anxiety can also impact the way that we think about things. When we are in a nervous or anxious state, then the world can seem like somewhere that is really scary, and even the smallest and most normal situation can leave you feeling overwhelmed. And when all of this is going on in your body and your mind, anxiety is something that can start to impact how you react to different things. As a result, you can avoid doing things, avoid certain places, or even certain people. 

Anxiety can also present in a variety of different forms, as it can be anxiety about something specific. You might only get anxious in social situations, for example, or you might have health anxiety, thinking that the worst is always going to happen to you. Panic attacks can be a big deal for people, and generalised anxiety can impact you as well. People look for different ways to cope, from going back to bed to taking a supplement or using something like CBD oil. There are many benefits of CBD oil, but it is important to make sure that you ask for help if you need it. Don’t be worried to ask for help! There are some techniques, though, that you can do to cope with your anxiety as it happens.

Breathe deeply

Anxiousness is our body having a fight or flight response, and it is getting ready to do one thing or another. This normal response is the body protecting itself when there is a threat, perceived or not. We can have this response, and the increase in heart rate and adrenaline can help you to be strong or to move faster. That can be great if you’re at the gym and are able to address the anxiousness. But if you are heading to the supermarket, then it isn’t going to be the ideal situation. So something like breathing deeply is something that can help the body to calm down and  bring it back to normal. Take a deep breath in and then you will see how much your stomach lifts up, being able to fill up your lungs with plenty of oxygen. Then take out a long and slow breath like you are blowing up a balloon. Do it a few times and it can really bring the heightened anxiety back down.

Question your thoughts

Our minds can play different tricks on us when we are in a state of anxiety. Your thoughts can escalate and can quite quickly become a little distorted. As an example, an email from a colleague that is quite blunt can let your mind wander and lead you to think that you have done something to them or have made a mistake, which is why the email is blunt. Or when someone doesn’t reply to your message, you can think that you will have done something wrong which is why they aren’t replying. Before you start to think about these things, which can make you more anxious, question how you feel. Are these thoughts just an opinion of yours, or are there facts to back it up? If you have offended a friend, then it is clear why they won’t have replied to you. But if you haven’t, it is your mind playing tricks on you as you’re already feeling anxious. You can be getting anxious about nothing if there are no facts to back it up.


Anxiety is something that can be tough and uncomfortable. But when you break it down, it is something that is pretty normal emotion, and even though you don’t want that feeling, anxiousness or anxiety is something that we can all experience at different times in our lives. So how about starting to accept anxiety? If you start to accept it all, then it will be just like when you feel happy or feel angry; it will pass. However, if your anxiousness is something that impacts your whole day, then it is a good idea to get some help. When it is at that stage, then you shouldn’t just get on with it and accept it; seek support and help. 

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