Spring Lawn Care Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Spring is often described as the best time of the year and for good reason, but it also means that your lawn will probably need quite a bit of extra attention just like autumn, but for different reasons. To make things easier for you this year, here are five lawn care tips that every homeowner should know.

Shift to an Electric Raker/Scarifier

If you have a big lawn, then chances are that getting rid of moss during spring is a nightmare, especially if you are trying to do that with an old-fashioned manual raker. To improve the situation, try something like the VonHaus lawn scarifier, which has a beastly 1500W 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator, meaning you won’t have to spend time using a separate scarifier and aerator on your lawn. If you don’t own even a low-powered scarifier at the moment, the difference between a manual raker and a more powerful one like the VonHaus lawn scarifier will be very noticeable.

Regular Mowing

You will need to mow the lawn every week during spring and as the temperature begins shooting up further, you may even need to mow it twice in a single week. But the secret is to never mow it too short, as that’s basically an invitation for moss to grow on the lawn. Check out the following rules of length while mowing your grass during the spring.

  • 2-inches if you have children and pets playing on the lawn regularly
  • 1 to 1.5-inches if your lawn doesn’t experience heavy footfall on a regular basis
  • 3-inches if the area doesn’t receive much sunlight at all

Feed the Lawn

In order for the grass to resist weed and moss, you will need it to be strong and that’s exactly why you need to provide your lawn with a good feed and some specialized fertilisers. Spread it evenly over the entire lawn and then repeat the same six weeks later to keep your lawn lush green throughout the summer.


Cold wet winters that precede spring can be quite deadly for the grass in your lawn, so the trick is to overseed; which means planting new grass seeds into a lawn that already has enough grass on it. This way, even if a large portion of the existing grass dies out, your lawn will still be lush green, thanks to the new grass that would be growing from those extra seeds.

Water Well

Every lawn needs water to grow, now that the cold months are gone and you need to provide it in ample amounts. If you do not water it thoroughly, then the roots will have to come up more towards the surface to take in the water and that is bad for grass health. Make sure that your lawn is soaked enough, so that the water reaches the soil sufficiently.

An important point to remember is that the best way to get rid of moss and weed is by strengthening the lawn grass, rather than overusing herbicides, since they can be detrimental to your lawn, pets and your family as well. This list is obviously not an exhaustive one, but it should make lawn maintenance during spring a bit easier.

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