Spring Fashion 101: Top Seasonal Trends in Girls Fashion

Spring Fashion 101: Top Seasonal Trends in Girls Fashion

Spring is well and truly on its way and with it comes a bountiful bouquet of new fashion inspirations and styles for fashion-forward little girls. After the rich and dark colourways and heavy fabrics of winter, it’s time for something fresher, lighter and brighter that captures the freshness and innocence of the season!

This year, children’s fashion has never been more exciting, I mean, is there anything quite as charming as a tiny little spring frock on a gorgeous little angel? If you’re thinking about spring cleaning your little girl’s wardrobe and are looking for some seasonal inspiration for spring dresses to invest in, I’ve got you covered.

After all, when better than the season of rebirth and new beginnings to get your little angel a brand new wardrobe!

Seasonal Hues for Spring

Spring is the season of blossoming colours. The barren landscapes of winter slowly burst into life as flowers emerge, green leaves sprout and the sky brightens to a beautiful blue. This season children’s fashion has taken inspiration from the hues and tones of nature. Here are some of the best colour trends for spring….


Fabulous Fairytale Pink

What little girl doesn’t love a perfectly pink dress? Girly and utterly gorgeous, this season’s pink hues echo the delicateness of spring flowers and offer a subtle, understated appeal. While bright and bold pinks are always a great choice for little divas —especially in the summer —springtime is all about the romance of soft pastel pinks.

Iconic and Timeless Ivory

Wintry white gets a warm makeover in this season’s timeless ivory palette. Drawing inspiration from fluffy springtime clouds and cute-as-a-button baby lamb’s wool, spring’s take on elegant and iconic ivory girl’s dresses is a playful take on this timeless colour.

Fresh Eggshell Blue

Blue is one of the most enduring and versatile colours out there, from dazzling sapphire to deep navy there’s a shade of blue for every little girl’s taste and style. And this season, there’s been a whole range of fabulous blues donning the catwalks and collections. My personal favourite is the seasonal eggshell blue. Evoking the serene hues of spring skies, they’re a softer and more delicate take on an old classic.

Sunny Daffodil Yellow

Yellow is one of my favourite colours. Symbolically, it is a colour closely connected to happiness, joy and all the best things in life— the sunshine, smiles and fabulous blooming flowers. Spring always reminds me of yellow— perhaps it’s because of the sudden and illuminating blooms of daffodils that fill the gardens, fields and parks. So why not pay homage to the promise of sunshine and these seasonal flowers with a bright and brilliant yellow dress for your little girl?

Spring Dress Styles

Spring fashion trends don’t only see a whole range of wonderful new colours but also the re-emergence of some old classic dress styles. Designed with comfort, movement and style in mind, this season’s spring dresses are perfect for Easter celebrations and afternoons spent in the sunshine. Here are some of my top spring dress styles that your little ones are sure to love.

Sensational Swing Dresses

Who doesn’t love a swing dress? With a fashion history that reaches back to the 30s and 40s, swing dresses were designed for little divas always ready to take centre stage and dance, twist, swing and swirl. This enduring style is a classic choice for little girls dresses as their comfy, slouchy and utterly stylish. With a drop waist and a sling silhouette, your little girl will feel every inch the lindy hopper.

Stunning Shift Dress

This season also sees the celebration of another iconic dress style from annals of fashion history— the shift dress. Shift dresses were so called because they signalled a shift in culture in the 1920s when long-held fashion standards were replaced with new stylings from the booming youth culture. So what better dress to “shift” your little girl’s wardrobe into a new season than the shift dress? Playful yet elegant, I’m glad to see these back on trend.

Twee Tea Dress

Every little girl loves a tea party—the cakes, the scones, the tea (or squash), not to mention the opportunity to get together with her closest gal pals. As spring rolls around, I’m always excited by the prospect of throwing a seasonal tea party complete with all of the season’s natural beauty. But it just wouldn’t be a tea party without a tea dress and this year they’re everywhere in all their free-fitting, feminine and fabulous charm. To get the look, opt for tea dresses that capture the elegance of Victorian gardens and chose one with a delicate floral pattern, scallop hem and smart cap sleeves.  


Spring is a wonderful season for girls’ fashion. For the finest designer spring dresses head over to David Charles Childrenswear, the iconic British children’s clothes company. In Collaboration.


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