Some easy ways to save money on household bills this year

Some easy ways to save money on household bills this year

As many regular readers will know, our family is moving house (fingers crossed!) within the next month or so. We’re lucky enough to be moving somewhere bigger, but with the luxury of moving to a bigger house comes the added expenses that we sometimes pretend don’t exist. These expenses are largely related to an increase in bills, such as the heating of a bigger home, and using more electricity. 

With this in mind, I’ve been thinking of some easy ways that we can save money this year when it comes to our day-to-day bills. After all, money saved in the ‘boring’ areas means more money for treats and travel AKA the fun stuff!

Compare your utility suppliers

We regularly use comparison websites to check that we’re paying the best price for our utilities, and don’t hesitate to switch providers if we think we can get a better deal, even if it seems a pain at the time. We haven’t actually compared for a while, so this will definitely be the first thing we do once we’ve moved to our new place. We are currently with SSE for our utilities, although I’ve heard that ‘Bulb’ is great for electricity, and SuperSaverOil does great deals if you use oil for your heating. 

Budget well

We are good at budgeting as a family (well, possibly Adam more than me!), and know each month exactly what will be going out of the account in terms of bills etc, plus making sure we’ve got some reserves set aside for the kids’ after school activities and any birthdays that are coming up. We also each set aside £20 a month with our work’s ‘Christmas Club’, meaning that we’ve got over £400 come December to spend on presents for the children as well as nieces/godchildren etc

Make little changes within the home

Something that we’re NOT perhaps so good at is saving money when it comes to using our appliances. I have to admit that I’m not great when it comes to turning off switches on sockets that aren’t being used, although we’re pretty good at turning lights off when they’re not needed, and not leaving taps running unnecessarily. In fact, the big two children are great at ‘water watch’, having learnt lots about the environment at school, and at the moment they are still young enough to all get dunked in a bath together- this saves us a ton of money of the course of a year but we know it can’t last forever! We also meal plan and shop online the majority of the time to save money on food and to make sure random purchases that we don’t need don’t slip into the trolley. 


How do you save money on your household bills? Any tips you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments box below!


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