So Many Things To Do… Being More Organised To Live A Balanced Life

Your home life may seem like the very definition of disorganised. If an organised week or even an organised day is something that escapes you it’s important to have some sort of order to make your home life easier but also to make sure that you have an easier life in general. What do the best ways for you to get your home organised so you can have a bit more free time but also make sure that you are enjoying yourself?

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Keep On Top Of Your Laundry

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a parent is that laundry basket overflowing constantly. When we start to think about doing laundry it’s not necessarily about waiting for the laundry basket to hit a certain point but it’s more about making the most of those moments when we are not doing things. It’s also important to think about organising your laundry in a certain way. It might be best for you to get a handful of Amish baskets with each one labelled “blacks”, “colours” and “whites” so you can save time separating them. Another handy hint is to use mesh laundry bags to keep your socks together. Rather than finding an odd sock or losing one, it’s these sorts of hacks that can make all the difference.

Spend One Weekend A Month Cooking

This might sound like the very definition of hell but when you don’t keep on top of your cooking or feel that there’s not enough time this is when you start to reach for the takeaway menu! The best approach to cooking is to batch cook. If you have the luxury of purchasing an extra freezer, do it! Batch cooking meals to freeze them means that rather than eating late you can just take a meal out the night before and let it defrost. 

Have A Place For Everything

Take inspiration from chefs. Chefs are extremely organised people. And the reason that they have to be so meticulous that every second counts. Get inspiration from what they do but also realise that the key is to have a place for everything. When you start to use this idea as a way to organise your workspace and your home by having a place for everything you will be able to access things easier and not waste time looking for things. 

Set A Schedule

Some of us may feel that we shouldn’t live life by a schedule but when we are too busy outside of the home we’ve got to have something to keep us on track. Being meticulous helps, but if you can’t bring yourself to be so anally retentive having a schedule with all of the key tasks means that you can take them off gradually throughout the week. When you start to look at the bigger tasks like cleaning the house, breaking them down into smaller, more manageable tasks won’t make it feel like such a massive chore.


Being organised is key but when you feel there’s no time for anything, it’s the best way to make sure you live a more balanced life.

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