Seasonal twists to make your chateau wedding extra special

Seasonal twists to make your chateau wedding extra special

There’s so much about holding your nuptials at a splendid historic chateau that’s already special: the impressive surroundings of spectacular manicured French gardens, the refined interior decor and the rich heritage of the venue, as is apparent in every suite and hall…

Nonetheless, there are ways to make weddings in France even more remarkable that also tie in nicely with the season during which you are holding your nuptials. Here are just some examples of what we mean.

The perfect touches for spring weddings

Spring is a popular time of year to get married for obvious reasons – the sun is coming out again and the days are progressively lengthening, but the conditions are also a little more hospitable than the height of summer.

As the Hitched website advises, there are many ways to give your spring wedding a suitably spring vibe, ranging from donning a floral-inspired dress and incorporating colour into the groomswear, to aiming for minimalism with your table centrepieces and displaying your table plan in a ‘shabby chic’ way.

A summer wedding can be wonderful… especially if you plan well

If you have gone as far as hiring a French chateau for your wedding, you presumably did so in part because of the historic splendour and beautiful grounds that are typical of such properties. The summer really brings out the gorgeousness of these enchanting residences, thereby creating the optimal conditions for unforgettable wedding photography.

The summer also gives you greater scope to incorporate outdoor activities into your wedding day than a wedding in any other season would. What about holding ‘connect four’-type games or bringing along some space hoppers to play around with in the chateau’s grounds? Serving afternoon tea in the sun could be another attractive possibility.

What are the little things that can make an autumn wedding unforgettable?

If there is any firmly ‘in-vogue’ time to tie the knot right now, it is actually the autumn, not least given the many opportunities that the season presents to infuse your nuptials with all manner of warm, rustic and natural colours and other aesthetic touches.

So why not embrace such autumnal wedding ideas, as put forward by Ginger Ray, as rustic paper invitations, wooden heart tealight holders and wooden-finish chair signs, the latter tied with hessian string or with foliage or flowers attached?

Winter lends itself beautifully to a whimsical vibe

In many ways, the supposed greatest disadvantage of a winter wedding – the conditions that might force you to spend a large proportion of your celebrations indoors – can be its greatest advantage.

Just imagine booking somewhere as enchanting as Château Bouffémont for your wedding, with you, your beloved and loved ones wandering the resplendent halls and suites incorporating fine furnishings and crystal chandeliers… all while gazing out into the grounds and being warmed by a crackling fire.

As explained by BRIDES magazine, there are plenty of ways to make a winter wedding even more special – but in many ways, simply choosing a French chateau for such nuptials is already a winning strategy!

Whichever season you do opt for, though, always remember that every one offers some very special and romantic opportunities to make the most of.

Good luck!


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