Reps And Rapport: Getting Healthy As A Couple

We live in an age of self-care where we all have to preserve our sanity and our overall health. But when we get into a relationship and it is now all about making compromises and working together towards a common goal we have to focus on our health as a unit. Getting healthy as a couple is achievable but when we’ve all got our own individual attitudes to health this is when problems can come to the fore. There can be disagreements galore, so what do we have to consider with getting healthy together? Is it just about hitting the gym at the same time, or is it so much more?

Prioritise Relaxation Time As Much As Gym Time

When we start out with a new health kick the temptation can be to go 110% straight away. But as so many people have discovered, especially after setting a new year’s resolution to get fit, is that it’s around this time of year that the enthusiasm tapers off. You have to remember that when you are working on a routine that suits the two of you that you have different goals but if you want to work together as a couple then you’ve got to celebrate your milestones. This means that relaxation time is as important as gym time. But it’s not about lying down on the couch watching TV with a box of chocolates, think about relaxation activities that can rejuvenate you to head back into the gym, or proper R&R (rest and recuperation). You can get a massage for two people or you can try something like acupuncture. Choosing the right approach to downtime is as crucial as picking your workout routine.

Choose The Right Healthy Eating Plan

Healthy eating is what helps you to put on muscle and lose weight. It accounts for 80% of your overall effort. While most people think they can just exercise enough they’ve got to make substantial lifestyle changes. But the great thing is that there are enough options out there to suit everyone. But you have to remember that when implementing an eating plan, it’s not going to show results within a couple of weeks! It’s crucial to remember that any new lifestyle change can take some time. One of the most frustrating aspects of getting fit is that you don’t see results right away. But this is where perseverance can help both of you stick to a plan that you can both follow.

Pick A Schedule That Suits Both Of You

One of the biggest obstacles to getting healthier is finding the time. It may very well be the case that you don’t both go to the gym at the same time. It’s not necessarily about doing everything together but it’s about keeping each other on track. Motivation is one of the biggest factors and when you’re trying to get healthy as a couple, partly it is to do with the reason you are doing in the first place and if you can both work towards the common goal this will keep you on track. If necessary, work out separately, especially if you both have busy working lives, but take the opportunity of the weekend to do something together so you can both touch base. Going for a run together is a perfect example. And the great thing about having separate schedules is that you can both remind each other when it’s their time to go for a run or hit the gym.

Remember That Your Health Is Different From Your Partner’s

When trying to find a common approach we have to remember that our health could be fundamentally different from our partner’s. We may very well have different fitness and nutritional goals as well as a different mindset. We shouldn’t base our health off our partner. Because we’ll both have different progress to make. It’s been shown that women struggle to lose weight more so than men. Work at your own pace if necessary.

Introduce Healthy Motivation And Competition

The massive benefits of exercising and eating healthy as a couple is that you will provide each other with motivation. If one is flagging and is close to giving up the other can provide that all-essential nudge in the right direction. But also if you are both guilty of a competitive streak this can help you both to push each other. It’s not necessarily about racing each other or seeing who can lift more but you can introduce competition in other ways. Healthy competition can make it more fun. And we have to remember that going to the gym and getting fit doesn’t have to be boring. The importance of play is crucial to getting fit and it’s something that you can both do together. When people try to start a new habit by themselves the biggest obstacle is always them. As a couple, you’ve got each other to bounce off. So as you start to develop a lifestyle that benefits both of you, you can motivate each other when you need it the most. One of the biggest motivators, as you both lose weight, is feeling more attractive. This can make you both rekindle some sense of romance, which naturally means you will exercise a little bit more beneath the sheets!


As a couple, you have the perfect opportunity to help each other out. Getting healthy together gives you the opportunity to form new habits but it’s the perfect chance to begin again. When you’ve been with someone for a long time you need to introduce new habits together. Learning to exercise in a different way or eating better can help you to discover new and exciting ways of being healthy. Getting healthy as a couple doesn’t mean going for a run on occasion; it’s about both of you changing your mindset for a common goal. Whether it’s losing weight so you can get pregnant or just about feeling a little bit healthier you’ve got the perfect motivator in each other. 

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