Preparing for a New Role that requires Lots of Commuting

Preparing for a New Role that requires Lots of Commuting

For many people, jobs don’t just lie around the corner. Lots for people love to drive to work, and on this website, they can certainly meet that end, but what about people who don’t drive?  Well, large proportions of the working population slug it on the commute. Some enjoy it, others hate it, but no matter which way you swing there’s always a way to make it easier.

Consequently, here a few tips for preparing for a new role which requires lots of commuting.

Plan your Route

Unless it’s a promotion, then your new role will mean a new workplace. Consequently, you should Google Earth the hell out of the place you’re working, where the train station is, and the route between both. Memorise the address so you can instruct and direct any taxi or Uber drivers you may use. Simply know where you’re going! It’s easy, but what’s easy is often underestimated. If you have intricate knowledge of the area you’re working, then a commute immediately becomes far less stressful.

Discounts and Passes

Your commute comes with a cost, and a very literal one too. Zipping about the country costs money, and if you do it daily then the expense will tally up. Consequently, you don’t want to be going to work just to afford your commute, so you need to minimise these costs by investing in the relevant kind of travel pass or discount card.  This is especially true if you’re commuting to the city for work, so try to rack up a series of rail passes and discount travel cards, as they’ll offer varied discounts depending on your age and the times you need them!  

 Calculated Tricks

If you’re traveling around often, then no doubt your aware that prices for your fare dip up and down depending on when you buy your tickets and when you want to travel. Therefore, with a bit of intuition, you can stretch these rules to your benefit. For example, cheap train tickets can be bought if you purchase them far in advance as there’s much less demand. Consequently, try to snag any train tickets weeks in advance for the best deal. Not only is it cheaper, but it also means you don’t have to scramble down to the station in a panic the night before! 

Do some Work?

It’s all well and good snagging some cheaper fair for your commute, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always dissipate the boredom you can feel staring out a window twice a day. The natural inclination might be to whack in your headphones or wrench out a book, but why not be more productive? If there’s space and time, pull out your laptop and do spots of work. It might just help you gear up for the morning or top off a productive day at work. Commutes can feel like a tedious lag in your momentum, but if you’re busy, your commute can become key to your day instead!

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