Pregnancy Is Something That Ought To Be Commemorated

Most of us will have a baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby and, once they’re born, that’s when we really start celebrating and commemorating. However, especially for families and women who have been waiting and trying for some time, a healthy, happy pregnancy is something worth taking the time to truly appreciate, too. Here, let’s look at some ways to commemorate and celebrate your pregnancy beyond the baby shower alone.

Enjoy a babymoon

When you think about how you’re going to plan the months leading up to your due date, it’s easy to have your thoughts lost in something of a stressful mire. You want to make sure that, in body, mind, and practical planning, you are as prepared as possible. However, taking care of your mind is important, too, and one great way to ease the stress is to enjoy a final break in the form of a babymoon. This last vacation before your child arrives doesn’t have to be anywhere particularly fancy, it’s just about giving yourself the time to get out and enjoy the world.

Remember the moment

One of the best ways to commemorate anything is to create a visual reminder that you can put somewhere in your home, share online, and take the time to admire years after that moment has passed. With a professional photographer that specialises in maternity photography, you can work with someone who understands the importance and emotion of the moment to frame it in a way that’s tasteful and classy, but celebratory at the same time. You’re going to have plenty of photos of the baby when they arrive, so why not have one of before they make the scene, too?

Make a scrapbook out of it

If you’re the kind of person who gets sentimental about the littlest of things and you don’t want this moment to feel so transient, then why not take little pieces of life with you as you go along? A shadow box is like a 3D scrapbook, containing all kinds of items, from the earliest scans of your child up to the first onesie they ever wear, if you want to document it that far. There are plenty of shadow box kits you can find easily on the web, but it’s not too difficult to make them yourself.

Jot it down

There are all kinds of benefits to putting pen to paper and keeping a pregnancy journal. First of all, it can help you sort out all the thoughts in your head when it seems like everything’s coming along so fast that you don’t have much time to think. It can help you be mindful of your emotions and, of course, it can help you capture the feels in your heart so that they don’t simply pour out to be forgotten in a few days time.


When your child is born, it’s going to be the focus of so much of your attention and celebrations. Take the time, now, to celebrate your own femininity and maternity.


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