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LiverpoolHaving been fortunate enough to have enjoyed various trips and weekends away to a number of cities in the UK, it’s safe to say you don’t have to go abroad or travel a million miles away in order to enjoy some excellent culture, nightlife and shopping. 

There are several cities on my wish list to visit still, and living in South East London, many of these are up north, but one place that I hugely enjoyed when I went for the day with Freddie a few years back was Liverpool. Liverpool has the largest collection of galleries and museums outside of London, so there is plenty to do. As a city it has come on so much when it comes to this sort of thing, being named ‘European Capital of Culture’ a decade ago, which in turn has lead to an explosion of cultural activity. 

So if you haven’t been to Liverpool before, or are thinking of going soon, here is my fantasy day trip itinerary….

Brunch and shopping at Liverpool ONE

After a couple of hours on the train from London, my first stop would be something to eat and some shopping at Liverpool ONE. Here you can find some of the best shops and restaurants to visit in the city, and I would kick off the day with brunch at Browns, one of my favourite restaurant franchises, before heading for a nose in John Lewis and the like. We are deprived of a John Lewis in Bromley (booooo!), so I would enjoy a leisurely browse here, before hitting some of my favourite clothes shops, Zara and & Other Stories. 

Liverpool ONE has been built on the site of an old park that was a hub of anti-social behaviour, and this brilliant development has completely changed the area and given it a new lease of family-friendly life.

Liverpool ONE

The Albert Docks

Post-brunch, I would then take a stroll to the Albert Docks, which are only a 10 minute walk away from Liverpool ONE. The area is so attractive and steeped in history- an attractive mix of old cobbled streets and sympathetically restored buildings with modern twists. It’s also packed with trendy bars and cafes, so I would make a mental note to stop for a drink at some point on my trip. 

The Albert Docks are also home to the Tate Liverpool museum of modern art, so I would definitely spend some time here, as its sister museum on London’s Southbank is one of my favourite places to visit, both with and without the children. There are often free activities and art exploration opportunities laid on, and the free admission (with optional donation) will help not to blow the budget after all that shopping earlier!

Open Eye Gallery

If you want to see photography exhibitions that cover the history of Liverpool, and that celebrate the art of taking great photographs, then the Open Eye Gallery is the place to be. It’s the perfect opportunity to take in some extra culture, and set in the beautiful Liverpool’s Pier and Docks, here would be my next stop after the Tate Liverpool. 

Mersey Ferry

Before catching my train home, I would grab a hot chocolate and then hop on a ferry to cross The Mersey – it’s a quintessential part of the Liverpool tourist experience. If the sky is clear you can really take in the skyline, and now with more than one route, there is plenty to keep you interested. 


Have you been to Liverpool before? Is there anywhere else that you would recommend for a day trip? I would love to hear!


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