Favourite Pendant Lighting that’s built to last

brass pendant light

brass pendant light

Since moving into our current home, we have gradually been starting to buy what I would call ‘forever’ items- furniture and fittings that are built to last and that we won’t have to replace within a year. Don’t get me wrong, there can be a time and a place for budget furniture (and indeed, much own-budget dependent), but now I’m a ‘proper grown up’ age 34, I feel that now is the time for some purchases that won’t break after 5 minutes. 

A website I’ve discovered recently selling just those sort of items is ‘Made to Last’. I always love discovering a new interiors brand, but what makes ‘Made to Last’ different is that all products sold on their website have a clear guarantee shown on the product page, and therefore customers can judge the true cost and value of a product. All their gorgeous products are manufactured in the British Isles and sold in Britain (some raw materials may come from other countries). This in turn helps to strengthen local industries and craftspeople (which is ace!), and at the same time mean that additional costs are not fed into their products to cover international transport and taxes.

In an age of throwaway culture, you can feel good knowing that you’re buying something for our home that is, well, made to last. Whilst diversity in any industry is very important, currently the way materials and products move around the globe is incredibly wasteful and let’s face it, pretty rubbish for the environment. 

As someone who hasn’t particularly thought about the way I shop like this before (which makes me feel tres guilty), seeing an interiors website run like this for the first time has been incredibly eye-opening and given me food for thought. 

‘Made to Last’ have so many fab products on their site, but what has really caught my eye has been their selection of stunning pendant lights- a mix of classic and unusual designs, but each one of them built for the long term. 

I could give so many of them house room!

Here are a selection of my favourites…

brass pendant light  

  1. Mullan Darya Brass Pendant Light
  2. Mullan Clear Holophane Coolie Pendant Light
  3. Mullan Asmara Well Glass Pendant Light
  4. Mullan Industrial Railway Pendant Light
  5. Mullan Lainio Pendant Light

What do you think of these gorgeous lights? I am in love with that first brass one!

I’m certainly going to consider how and where I shop for my homeware from now on- do you ever think about this when considering interiors? I’d love to hear. 

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