Parent Prep For The Hot Summer Months

When the hot summer months start to creep ever closer, as a parent there are many things that you can do to prepare for the change in season which will help your family to stay comfortable. Though children love to play in the sun, there are many different risks that they can face during this period and it’s important that you can take steps to reduce these and keep your little ones safe and sound. So, if you would like to find out more about how you can get prepped for the summer as a parent, then read on to uncover some of the best tips and tricks that you can make the most of today! 

Keeping Cool

It’s so vital that you can take steps to keep your little ones cool as the temperature starts to rise, as they can so easily overheat and suffer heat stroke or even exhaustion when they forget to hydrate themselves or stay out in the sun for too long. First off, whenever your children head outside they must always be wearing sunglasses and a hat of some kind that can protect them from the harmful UV rays shining down, and it’s a good idea to dress them in light coloured or white cotton clothing that can reflect the heat rather than absorb it. They must always drink as much water as they can when playing outside, as the high heat can encourage dehydration – it’s a great idea to find some fruit squash that you can mix with water and fresh berries to pop inside some ice lolly moulds for the freezer, as they make for a great cold treat that your little ones will love. 

Lotions & Potions 

There are many lotions and potions that have been created for use in the hot summer months, so it’s a great idea for you to take advantage of these to add an extra layer of protection for your family. Wearing sun protection cream is an absolute must whenever you take your children outside, and it’s always better to go for a higher SPF so that you can reduce the risk of any skin issues occuring. Often when you head outside in the summer you are greeted by a whole host of bugs and critters, some of which can provide a nasty bite or sting! Having the right treatment on hand to reduce the pain and swelling is absolutely vital, so be sure to seek out a product such as xylocaine to carry with you to deal with any stressful situations. You could also invest in some cool spray that’s perfect for car journeys, as the just a small aerosol bottle can pack an icy punch to help refresh your little ones and reduce their temperature to stay comfortable. 


With any luck these hints and tips will help you to get ready for the hot summer months and protect your little ones from the effects of the sizzling heat. Keep them cool and source some lotions and potions for proper parent preparation!

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