Our family baking hobby and WIN a KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer

I have to say that since starting my blog nearly 5 years ago, this has to be one of my favourite giveaways EVER, and I’m hoping that the prize helps someone with their passion for baking, or ignites a new one. With spring now here (I think….) I’m all for kick-starting hobbies, especially if those hobbies involve whipping up something delicious. We are big, recreational bakers in our house, and although I hate to admit this, Adam is actually probably a better one than me (he seems to take knocking up a batch of fancy cupcakes with various children in tow within his stride!).

Here are some of the treats and bakes we’ve mastered over the years…

Coffee and Pecan Cake

Pesto and Cherry Tomato Foccacia 

Sea Salted Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Toffee Apple Cake

Raspberry and Pistachio Tarts

One of the main items of kitchen equipment that has made baking in our family a joy has been our KitchenAid mixer- a classic investment that not only looks great but functions impeccably, and we’ve definitely got our money’s worth since we bought one about 5 years ago. 

On the blog today I’m giving one uber-lucky reader the chance to win a white KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer of their very own. The KitchenAid comes with a 4.3-litre stainless steel mixing bowl, has 10 speeds so it can easily mix, knead and whip your ingredients. It also comes with a power hub that fits optional attachments from food grinders to pasta makers and more. The KitchenAid I’m giving away also comes with a selection of accessories including flat beater, dough hook and wire whisk.

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All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter below, using as many options as you’d like.

Good Luck!

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Terms and Conditions: Competition closes at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 13th May 2018. Entries received after this time and date will not be valid. Giveaway open to UK residents only. Entrants must be 18 and over. Winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter after the closing date and will be notified within 5 days of competition end. Only entrants received via the Rafflecopter widget will be considered valid. The prize is a white KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer 4.3 litre- no cash alternatives to the stated prize will be offered.

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500 thoughts on “Our family baking hobby and WIN a KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer”

  1. I’ve just got into baking, banna bread and Apple cake are favourites in our house! I need one of these though as its hard to mix the sugar and butter together with a baby on hip while stopping your toddler eating the other ingredients πŸ™ˆ Definitely going to try the toffee apple cake though πŸ‘

  2. Caramel Apple Crumble. There’s just something about making the crumble with your fingers while smelling the apple poaching in caramel sauce that is just SO magical.

  3. I love baking a lemon and coconut cake with creme cheese frosting on top! It is beautiful and the little ones don’t like it!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Just getting to grips with Gluten free cooking. If I can cook anything with GF ingredients then I’m happy, preferably pastry items.

  5. I have health and mobility issues so really don’t manage to bake more than fairly simple cookies and cakes at the moment but would love to be able to do more.

  6. Just last weekend I baked a jam roly poly and made a lemon curd pavlova – a Kitchen Aid would have been SO handy for those egg yolks in the lemon curd and the egg whites for the pavlova!!!

  7. Love baking a home made lemon meringue pie, the Good Food site recipe is excellent! Great competition thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I read the question wrong. I thought it said, what your favourite thing about baking. LOL

    Ok, so my favourite thing to bake is chocolate sponge cake. My 9yo daughter helps me and no matter what the result of the cake at the end we have so much fun baking x

  9. I like baking fairy cakes with my five year old, she stands in our Little Helper funpod and insists on lurid icing and plenty of sprinkles and decorations. My two year old has started trying to ‘help’ now too,I am loving teaching them the basics

  10. Banana bread, Muffins and Fairy cakes with my daughter. We’ve started with the easy recipes but a stand mixer would help us progress.

  11. I love making bread – especially trying new ones. Sadly, most of the time I’m making bog standard 50/50 white & wholemeal rolls for everyone’s lunchboxes! Not exciting, but economical, healthy & freezable!

  12. My wife is a natural baker, she makes the best chocolate brownies ever! She’s always learning something new about baking and that keeps my tummy extremely happy.

  13. Barm Brack -it is simple and easy and although you have to soak the dried fruit overnight in cold tea it is then a throw it all in cake and bake . it is so moist and delicious

  14. I absolutely love old English puds like eves pudding and pineapple upside down cake, we like to be abit retro x

  15. Iced Buns, I usually make lemon flavoured icing for them and sometimes have lemon curd in the middle. Was a long time before I perfected the icing consistency!

  16. My favourite thing to bake in the kitchen is a gluten free coffee and walnut cake! Mmm I’m drooling at the thought!

  17. Pavlova and macaroons! We keep chickens so it’s a good way to use up egg whites (after making ice cream with the yolks!) yum πŸ˜‹

  18. I love trying different things to bake with my kids. We baked a Rainbow Cake a few weeks ago. It was fun but took too long and I have not baked anything since then.

  19. Flapjacks with the children – they’re reasonably easy, healthy and you can add lots of different things in to flavour them differently every time

  20. I love making sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce . I have a fab recipe and it is so tasty and easy to make. I mixer to use instead of elbow grease would be amazing though!

  21. At the moment my favourite thing to bake is biscotti. I am experimenting with different flavour combinations but the daily favourite seems to be double chocolate and pistachio mmm.

  22. Me and my children love baking, they love baking fairy cakes and then creating different effects with the icing and sprinkles πŸ™‚ I recently baked some London Cheesecakes which were delicious and are definitely a new favourite

  23. Depends on the time of year but Apple cake is a firm family favourite, and cookies are always a welcome treat. My top baking favourite is bread, you can never beat that freshly baked bread smell.

  24. My favourite thing to bake is Bailey’s cheesecake, but the kids love to make fairy cakes- so those are what comes out most often!

  25. Flapjacks. Possibly the most awesome snack in the world. And home-baked ones are always way nicer than shop-bought ones. (except for those little square ones you get in a tub from M&S, because those are rather good. Expensive but good)

  26. My favourite thing to make is a tarte tatin, I love the way the caramel looks over the fruit πŸ™‚

  27. My favourite thing to bake are cakes – there is so much potential to turn them into absolutely anything, and they can be as simple or complicated as you like in just about any flavour!

  28. I love making cupcakes. But I mostly make banana cake to use up funky bananas and take it in to work.

  29. My son loves to bake fairy cakes, so that seems to be our most popular thing so far. Although i do enjoy baking bread too

  30. I love Baking Muffins and Cupcakes with my grandchildren , I started my own children baking as soon as they could walk , Two of my sons are now Chefs one of them has his own cake business , so I’m very proud I passed my passion for baking onto them , I have my grandchildren almost every weekend and the best way to keep them happy is to have Bake Days everything from Cupcakes to Pizzas if it can be made and eaten we’re in πŸ˜€

  31. I love baking cupcakes and gingerbread, anything that my children can join in with as they make it so much fun

  32. I love baking cupcakes but did recently make a choc cake with had KitKats around the edges and Mini Eggs on the top for Easter

  33. I love making a Victoria Sponge but I like baking completely and would attempt making anything I baked my own wedding cake, also my stepsons wedding cakes variety as one was a glutonfree cake aswell as the other two were a chocolate based cake and a white chocolate cake.

  34. My favourite thing to bake is actually my Death by Chocolate – the Vegan Experience cake. I’m not vegan, but I have never found a chocolate cake that is so moist and scrumptious in my life. (I will give the recipe to anyone who wants it.)

  35. I love baking mum’s recipe for banana cake. It smells fab, it tastes fab and it brings back happy memories.

  36. A frim family favourite of our’s is the classic ‘Farmhouse Fruit Cake’ but i also love to make celebration cakes for family and friends πŸ™‚ x x

  37. I love baking cakes. at the moment i am getting my grandaughter into baking and we love making cupcakes together.

  38. The most reliable result comes from cranberry flapjacks but my favourite is cranberry and white chocolate cookes. We all love them, especially at Christmas.

  39. Me and my boy love baking muffins, we literally make all kinds of them from sweety ones to cheese ones.

  40. Chocolate brownies. I have an amazing recipe for them, they are hands down the best brownies I have ever tasted (if I do say so myself, lol).

  41. My favorite thing to bake is chocolate and walnut brownies with chocolate cream cheese frosting on top! My boys love these!

  42. My favourite thing to bake is lemon drizzle cake – I’ve made it so often that I no longer need a recipe and everyone always loves it.

  43. I love to bake cakes and muffins. I’d like to try making different breads at some point. My favourite thing to make is chocolate cake, it’s also my family’s favourite thing to eat!

  44. I would say Banana bread is our family fave
    Would love some help from kitchen aid
    I love mixing things up a bit
    I rest if I must but never quit
    I am Vegan and my passion is to prove
    You can have your Vegan cake & eat it too
    I love other cakes & tarts
    Your pistachio ones are works of art
    Oh crumbs is there something I forgot to say
    Love spending the day baking away
    So here’s hoping your winner is me &
    β™‘Thanks for the opportunityβ™‘

  45. I love making cakes biscuits and scones. I am experimenting with recipes at the moment and avoiding sugar, so opt to use honey, coconut, and almonds etc.

  46. I love baking bread , but the favourite bake is chocolate fudge cake . I’m going through a marshmallow making stage atm , not technically a bake , but the mixer would be so much better for the 8 minutes of whisking I’m doing with my hand held jobby .

  47. My favourite thing to bake are my 3 boys birthday cakes; I get the be creative and the look on their faces when it is finished is priceless. As a family we love to bake cookies, cupcakes and we have just turned our hand to bread; however my hand mixer broke whilst making my 3yr old birthday cake so baking is on hold just now until it is replaced

  48. Love a classic Victoria sponge, I make mini ones in old clean tuna tins, very cute.they are also great for mini Christmas cakes to decorate and gift πŸ‘

  49. I love to make carrot cake πŸ™‚ We tend to make a lot of buns here with lots of sprinkles and toppings!

  50. My family love Pistachio, yoghurt & elderflower cake, I am going to make the lemon and elderflower cake this weekend in honour of Harry and Meghan.

  51. Do I spy a Crystal Palace apron, lol?! My favourite thing to bake is chocolate chip cookies but I often baked sponge cakes. Lovely prize, thank you.

  52. Lemon drizzle is still my family’s fav cake…be first thing I’d make with mixer if was lucky enough to win x

  53. I love to bake all kinds of cakes but brownies are my favourite to eat so would have to be those x

  54. Meringues and macarons. They have become the standard request at any and all family parties. I use my lovely Kenwood Chefette but fear it is on very borrowed time. It was a wedding present and this year we celebrate 45 years so guess I am overdue for an upgrade and to teach the next generation of 8 grandchildren.

  55. My favourite cake to make is a coffee and walnut but if i asked the rest of my family it would be chocolate fudge cake!

  56. I love baking energy flapjacks as a nice alternative snack . I bake enough to last throughout the working week πŸ™‚

  57. Carrot Cake . . . it’s a firm favourite in this house . . . as would that beautiful Kitchenaid be!!!

  58. My four young ones love Ice-cream bread! We bake it in rainbow colours with sprinkles and they love showing it off when we eat out! This would be wonderful, thank you!

  59. My son loves to make cakes. He likes to find a challenging recipe too!! His favourite is chocolate fudge cake. I think he enjoys licking the bowl more than he enjoys the cake!!!!

  60. I love baking, especially with our little girls. Our favourite things are cupcakes which is on our list for the school summer fair.

  61. Unbaked lemon cheesecake-not baked but requires a lot of beating and whipping and is absolutely delicious!

  62. I love baking scones. Wrap them in a fresh tea towel yo keep them lovely and warm, before everyone dives in

  63. Always wanted to make a lemon drizzle sponge cake and a homemade fruit christmas cake. would so love to create my own cakes, especially birthday ones for the family.

  64. love baking anything from an early age I,ve cooked and baked fabulous giveaway my cakes always go down well

  65. I love baking my Lemon Victoria Sandwich, I make it with a filling of homemade lemon curd and super whipped buttercream. Everyone loves it and it’s so quick and easy to bake

  66. Muffins! Pretty hard to get wrong and I just stick in whatever fruit or other goodies are available!

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