Our end of year family swimming update

Our end of year family swimming update

As parents of children who are sporty and who do several sporting activities now, one of the most satisfying things to see come of the end of 2018 is their rapid progress in the pool this year. Since the beginning of the year, both children have probably progressed more with their swimming than any other year, and I can say now that whilst they still have a fair way to go before they become what I would call ‘strong swimmers’, at the same time they are confident in the water and importantly, a lot safer in water than they would have been had they not had swimming lessons. 

We’ve enjoyed a few holidays and breaks this year that involved swimming, and trips away near water are so much more fun now I know that they can swim and get in and out of the pool themselves. In Ibiza this year, I even managed to have half an eye on my book on a sun lounger whilst Freddie and Sasha played a game together in the pool right next to me- whilst always watching them and mindful, I didn’t have the need to stay hovering near them (although both Adam and I still got stuck in and enjoyed many a pool game with them over the course of our holiday!). 

When it comes to their lessons on a Saturday morning at a local pool, F and S have really grown to enjoy them, and have been lucky and appreciated the consistency of having the same teacher each for a long time now, who knows them and also carefully tracks their progress. Freddie is now on Stage 7, and Sasha on 94% of Stage 3. Sasha swam a whole length of the big pool last weekend which is amazing for her, and Freddie has his 100 metre Rainbow Distance swimming badge which he was so proud of getting. 

I can wait to sign Arlo up for parent and toddler swimming lessons next year, as I’m convinced that spending time in the water from an early age really helps by the time they are in the pool for lessons solo. Sasha has even mentioned being interested in learning to dive (she loves and is good at gymnastics so there is potential there!), so watch this space! We live near Crystal Palace that has a national diving centre, so it really might be a genuine possibility to pursue. 

Being able to swim can lead to so many sporting and personal opportunities, and I’m so glad we’ve stuck at swimming with the children when it hasn’t always been easy for them and we’ve had a few challenges over the past few years. 

We’ve also been delighted to work with Swim England for the past couple of years, and have really learned so much about what they do to promote swimming and get people into the pool (their Twitter feed is so interesting when it comes to all sorts of pool-related news: swimming competition news, job opportunities, different aqua sports, tips… I definitely recommend you check it out).

Today is the last day of their brilliant ‘Learn to Swim’ competition, where TEN lucky readers can win a year of swimming lessons for their child! 

All you have to do is hop on over to Swim England’s Facebook page and share one of their competition posts, or tag them on Twitter or Instagram using their handle and make sure to use the hashtag #LearnToSwim when finishing the sentence

“I want my child to learn to swim because….”

Entries can be videos or written posts, and the closing date is today, Wednesday 12th December 2018, when 10 winners will be chosen. 

Good luck! 


Terms and Conditions: Competition closes at 11.59pm GMT on Wednesday 12th December 2018. Entries received after this time and date will not be valid. Competition open to UK residents only. Entrants must be 18 and over. Winners will be selected by Swim England after the closing date and will be notified within a week of competition end. Only entrants received via the Swim England Facebook page, tagged @swimengland (Instagram) or @Swim_England (Twitter) and the hashtag #LearnToSwim on Twitter or Instagram will be considered valid. The prize is a year’s worth of swimming lessons for your child at a Swim England accredited swimming scheme of your choice x 10- no cash alternatives to the stated prize will be offered.

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  1. Emma T
    December 12, 2018 / 12:24 pm

    Wow, Freddie’s done really well to be up at level 7.

    N is still languishing, having literally just moved up to level 5. It’s been painful because the teacher had said he was ready back in October, except for his breaststroke feet which she didn’t think were good enough to keep up with the next level. Even though he was the strongest in the group at the other 3 strokes and she moved 2 girls up who were weaker at everything apart from breaststroke. Frustrating, especially when he’s swimming breaststroke lengths of the pool in school swimming with kids in level 6 and 7. But he’s moving up after christmas so he’s now in the group he should be in. It’s so important to swim though – I’m amazed at how many children there are from his school swimming in the lowest group who have obviously never had lessons before year 2 at school.

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