New Homeowner? Safety and Security Tips for your New Place

So you’ve bought a home. Congratulations! Home ownership is such a rewarding experience, and buying your first home is a source of pride that you’ll never, ever forget. As you’re beginning to set up the new place, you will probably begin to wonder about all the ins and outs of home ownership that you took for granted before. With home ownership comes a great deal of responsibility. 

But these added responsibilities don’t have to be terrifying or anxiety inducing. You’ll get the hang of it quickly, and you’ll find that keeping your home safe and secure, and taking care of those every day tasks are easy as pie. 

Below, we’ve listed out a few tips to help ease the transition into new homeownership. Keep these things in mind as you’re working to make that new house a home. 

Hiring the Right People for the Job

Back when you were renting, or living at home with the folks, things like maintenance and repairs just…happened. You either called the landlord or super, who took care of things like hiring maintenance people or repairmen, or your parents handled it. Now, the responsibility is yours. Of course, you’re handy and you’ll fix whatever you can on your own, but there will come times when something is just outside of your wheelhouse. Things like booking a trustworthy electrician or calling a roofer are part of your newfound responsibilities, but they don’t have to be a chore of a source of anxiety. Just consider it part of your new routine, and don’t be afraid to spend the money on these services. Taking care of issues as soon as they arise, if you can afford to, is always the best idea. Don’t put off small problems – they can become big problems later. Take the time to vet and hire good service people who will take care of your house and give you an affordable quote. 

Security Measures

One thing a homeowner should never, ever skimp on are security measures – this includes small stuff like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as good working locks for your doors and windows, a gate for your driveway, and security systems, which are surprisingly affordable (and customizable) these days. Investing a little in security and safety precautions will safeguard your home and give you peace of mind.  

Cleaning Up

Many neighborhoods have guidelines for keeping clean, tidy and safe yards. If you’ve just purchased your home/land, you may need to put a little effort into cleaning up the place, landscaping, mowing and cutting down any trees or shrubs that encroach on others’ property. This will not only put you in good standing with your neighbors and make your place look spiffy, but it’ll make things safer, too. Plus, it ups the property value of your home, which is a thing you now care about! 

These are just three of the many things to take into consideration as a first-time homeowner. There’s tons more out there to learn and get acquainted with; nobody ever said owning a home was boring!

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