Montessori At Home – Peg Dinosaur

Peg Dinosaur

Freddie has recently decided that he is ‘into’ dinosaurs now (Hurrah, this is a moment I have been waiting for, I LOVE dinosaurs!), so I thought this would be a fun, easy activity to try with him. It also follows Montessori principles of your toddler gaining ‘practical life skills’, in terms of being able to clip and unclip the pegs.

The aim is for your toddler to roll a die, count the dots, and then clip the same number of pegs onto the dinosaur. This encourages your toddler to gain confidence in counting, as well as to enhance their eye hand co-ordination, develop pincer grip, patience and concentration, dexterity, and strengthen their fingers and arm.

You will need:

  • Strong card
  • Scissors
  • Black marker pen to draw your dinosaur
  • ‘Wobbly eye’ (optional)
  • 6 Clothes pegs
  • A dice (not pictured, it took me ages to find one! NB must buy more die)


  1. Gather your materials together, and then start by drawing a dinosaur shape on the piece of card with the marker pen. I’m sure most of you will draw better dinosaurs than me!
  2. Cut out your dinosaur.
  3. Add a ‘wobbly eye’ to your dino.
  4. Now get your toddler to roll the dice, and then clip the right number of pegs (as per the number on the dice) to the back of the dinosaur.
  5. Repeat until bored! Pegs seem to keep my little ones occupied for ages.

Peg Dinosaur Peg Dinosaur Peg Dinosaur Peg Dinosaur Peg DinosaurPeg Dinosaur



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    Thank you so much, I am really chuffed to have been nominated! I see on your blog I have to answer the questions and re-post, and nominate other blogs- do I have to do anything else apart from that?

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