Make life easier with these top tips

Make life easier with these top tips

Life can be pretty full on at times. It’s hard to spread your time evenly around all the things you want to do, and have to do. With Christmas fast approaching it’s around the time people usually struggle. Not just financially, but mentally too as tasks start piling up on top of each other. In general, there are so many things you can do to make life easier. The trick is picking the right ones for you. The ones that will enrich your life and allow you to spend more time doing what you love instead of wasted minutes and hours that can be easily trimmed. Everyone is different, so you need to be creative in what to do but these tips can give you the boost you need to come up with some strong ideas. It’s surprising how applicable they can be too. You might think you’ve already got it pretty easy, but you might be surprised with ways in which you can save some precious time and make life even easier.

Get Your Health In Check

Stop putting off those visits to your GP. If you feel like you’re not feeling so good and it’s more than just a cold you need to get it seen to. How can this make life easier, you may ask. By catching something at the outset it means you need less visits to the GP down the line. Stay on top of your health. There are other time savings to be made too, my NHS prescription online is worth a look if you have some kind of repeat prescription. Health should really come before all else and although going to the GP may feel like a chore at first, you need to think of it as saving you time and making life easier in the long run. It isn’t a short, quick hit but it is worthwhile.

Get Groceries Delivered

A lot of people like physically going into the shop and doing their shopping so that they can see what’s new, what’s on offer, and to make sure they get the exact right product. However, doing this is time consuming. Also, you might spend more money because stores are literally set up to extract as much money from you as possible. There are many psychological and behavioral lures in a store primed to catch you out. If you shop online this is limited. If you know exactly what you want and like then get it online in a repeat order. You can always check what’s new online anyway. It’ll save you time by not having to go out and about. Think of the petrol you’ll save too. This is usually only financially worthwhile if you spend over a certain amount of money each week but if you’ve got a family it’s likely always going to be worth it.

Stop Combing Comparison Sights

Each year, you likely have to spend extended periods of time combing through comparison sights. This can involve you comparing car or motorbike insurance, home insurance, contents insurance, and even life insurance. It might not feel like a lot of time because you could be extremely happy in the thought that you’re saving money. But nowadays this can be done for you, in a way that doesn’t and will never cost you anything. There are companies who can find the best price for you automatically, switch you over, and inform everyone for you, and they take money from the other side as commission too meaning you’ll always be better off. Both a time saver and money saver, it’s a no brainer, all you need to do is a little bit of research at the outset to find which company is right for you.

Reassess Hobbies

Sometimes, people will only have one or two hobbies to keep them busy. Others have a huge number of things they haphazardly switch time between. Have a look at them. Are you doing some just to keep other people happy? If you are it might be time for you to think about switching what you do. You’d get much more out of time with what you really enjoy. It can be tough to change this but it might be a necessity. Don’t spread yourself too thinly. Again, everyone is different so it can be quite hard to come to the right decision here, or you might not even need to consider this as a point.

Cut Down On The Things You Don’t Need To Do

This one is entirely income dependant. If there are things you do that you hate or consider a downright chore think about getting someone else to do them for you. Sure, you need the money to do this but if you can afford it, it might be worth paying for a gardener to look after your garden. If you enjoy it, great. If you don’t, why do it? Make your life easier and spend your time on something else entirely. The same applies with cleaning. You’ll be helping out your local economy while making things a bit easier for yourself. Just make sure you hire a reputable agency or an individual with a proven track record.

Get Kids Involved

If your kids don’t usually help around the house then getting them involved is a sure fire way to save you some time. At the outset you will need to put some effort into training them up to the right standard. You can incentivise this of course with pocket money or fun activities. But if your children are helping with cleaning etc. you’re doing right by them while ensuring you have some spare time. As they get older this can branch out into wider things like driving to the store for shopping or picking up younger siblings from school.

Organise Relentlessly

If you’re organised it means there aren’t going to be many things that surprise you and annoy you financially. Being organised can stop you needing to be worried, or having to get funds together for the unexpected. Once you’re in the habit it can really be the difference between happiness or an erratic lifestyle that just isn’t good for your stress levels. Get this right and once you’re in the habit of life will be much easier for you and your family.

Learn To Drive

For those this doesn’t apply to, it’s a must. It makes everything so much easier. Most people learn in their teens, but the longer you leave it the harder it becomes. Being able to drive gives you a fantastic sense of freedom that you can’t get anywhere else. It means commuting is feasible and easy, while also ensuring you can help your family by making school runs easy and manageable. It means you can get up later for work and simply opens your life up. This tip won’t apply to many people, but for those it does, make it a priority.

Cut Back On The Worry

Not easy for some people. This will naturally follow the tip about being organised. However, sometimes people worry about things they have zero control over. So, why worry? Try to train your brain out of worrying so much. If you overthink things and worry it can be bad for your mental health. You just won’t enjoy life so much and you’ll give your children and those around you bad habits too. It can be extremely hard to train a worrier away from overthinking but the pay-off is enormous. Of course there are things you simply can’t get away from worrying about, such as health and severe financial difficulty. 


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