Luxurious Touches That Will Add Glamour to Your Home

The environment that you live in can have a strong influence on how you feel. After a long day, there is nothing better than walking through the front door of your own cosy home. Arriving at home can make you relax almost immediately, and helps you to leave a difficult day behind. 

It is this feeling of sanctuary that people receive from their home environment, that encourages homeowners to continually look for ways to improve their properties. If your home is your pride and joy, you are probably always looking for ways to make it look better. Instead of being merely a place of shelter, homes mean so much more than their four walls and roof. A home is a place to relax, to have fun, to make memories and offers a way to express your personality.

Home improvements are something of a national hobby, which is reflected in the popularity of all the TV shows that are dedicated to renovations and redecorating. These shows allow the audience a glimpse inside other people’s lifestyles and have an aspirational quality to them. Watching property shows provides interior design inspiration and introduces the audience to new design ideas.

If you love to add an extra touch of glamour to your everyday life, you probably want the interior design of your home to reflect this. Adding some luxurious features is the perfect way to create a glamorous look, and will provide a strong injection of wow factor to your property. Here’s are some of the features which will help to create a stunningly opulent look in your home:

Beautiful Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a lot more than merely a place to take a shower. With some careful planning, a bathroom can become one of the most beautiful rooms in your house. 

To create a luxurious bathroom, you need to think beyond the typical bathroom design. Instead, you need to think of the functional items in your bathroom as features. Instead of simply installing a standard bath, opt for a freestanding bath instead. There is something incredibly glamorous about freestanding baths, and they come in a range of styles. A slipper-shaped tub is an excellent choice for a smaller bathroom and is perfect if you like vintage glamour. To evoke some Victorian-style luxury, a claw-footed bath is an ideal choice. Sleeker, modern freestanding tubs are also available for people that prefer clean lines, rather than the roll-top look.

If you are after a stylish look that is also super-convenient, his and hers sinks offer a statement piece for any bathroom. Side by side sinks will make mornings much less chaotic, as there will be no more holding each other up when you are trying to get ready. 

Add a statement mirror to complete your luxurious bathroom look.

Gorgeous Kitchens

A beautiful kitchen is a fantastic addition to any home. Kitchens are always the hub of the house, and a well-designed kitchen can even add value to your property if you decide to sell it. 

As with bathrooms, a kitchen should provide a combination of functionality and good looks. Choosing high-quality kitchen cabinets is the best starting point. Combine the cabinets with worktops in natural stone such as marble or quartz to create a kitchen that screams quality.

Kitchen islands have been a popular feature in kitchen design for quite a while now, and their popularity shows no signs of fading. Kitchen islands not only look attractive, but they also provide a handy seating area for guests, especially when you have a party and everyone inevitably gathers in the kitchen.

Luxurious Living Rooms

A luxurious living room is a space that you can sit back in and relax, while surrounded by comfort and beautiful furniture and accessories. 

To create a luxurious living room, it is a good idea to slowly build up your scheme, by gradually adding new features over time. Taking a slower approach will help you to assess what the room needs and keep the overall look more cohesive. 

A neutral colour palette on the walls is a good starting point, as this allows your furniture and accessories to be the focal point of your design. It isn’t necessary to simply stick with white walls. There are a number of shades that work well to create a neutral look. If you like warm colours, champagne is a good choice, or if cooler more contemporary colours are your thing, grey will also work well.

A statement sofa is often the star of the show in a luxurious lounge. Opt for decorative styles with button backs, ornate feet, or curved arms to add a touch of glamour.

Use textures to create an opulent look throughout your living room. The combination of sparkling crystal lights, plush velvet cushions, and a soft rug to sink your toes into are perfect. 

The fragrance of fresh flowers and decadently scented candles will combine an extra touch of luxury and leave your living room smelling divine.

Get Inspired

Before getting started on transforming your home into a luxurious place to live, it is a good idea to gather together all the inspiration that you can to ensure that you create your perfect look. Check out interior design shows, magazines and websites to help you decide what you like and what you definitely don’t like. 

Once you have some ideas, it is time to think about how these can be practically incorporated into your home. You will need to consider the cost of transforming your home. If you plan to borrow the money, you may decide that looking for a responsible loan is the right option for you. Once you have your budget sorted out, you can begin to shop around.

Another important consideration is the size of your home. Make sure that your luxurious touches can be accommodated within your property; otherwise, they may look out of place.

Creating a glamorous living space is a lot of fun, and provides the ideal opportunity to transform your property into your perfect home. 

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