Kicking off summer holiday fun with Personally Presented

unicorn apron

We’re one week into the school summer holidays now for my big two, and it’s certainly been pretty busy so far. Alongside some much needed downtime where we’ve played board games, rediscovered toys they haven’t had much time to play with during term time, and carried out some baking, they’ve had a couple of days of sports camps too. 

A perfect balance and hopefully they’ll make amazing memories from summers like these (yes, I KNOW I just uttered #makingmemories, please don’t hate me).

When Personally Presented got in touch to see if Freddie and Sasha would like a couple of gorgeous personalised items, I thought they would be the perfect treats as a ‘well done’ for working so hard this year at school and getting brilliant school reports. 

I chose a personalised unicorn apron for Sasha, as I realised that the tiny toddler ones she’s had for a few years now, of course no longer fit her! She was over the moon and we tried it out today when she made a raspberry frangipane tart with Adam and Freddie (recipe to follow, natch). It would be such a good birthday present for a special child in your life, or even a swankier stocking filler if you have a big stocking to fill at Christmas. 

unicorn apron

Freddie was lucky enough to receive a personalised football backpack that he absolutely LOVED and has come everywhere with him, to swimming, summer camps and most importantly, to his very first football tournament! The backpack is a decent size so could be used for school too, and I’ve pretty certain this will be coming on holiday with us too in a few weeks. 

If you’re looking for all kinds of personalised gifts for both adults and children, then Personally Presented is the way to go- we absolutely adore our gifts! 


*In collaboration with Personally Presented

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