Is Hygge here to stay?

Making our homes feel cosy, our loungewear more comfy, and the idea of hibernating more acceptable, hygge has cocooned us like a blanket of Nordic snow since the mid 2010’s. And as we enter into a new decade, it looks like we aren’t giving up our neutral walls, fur rugs or woollen blankets anytime soon.

Defined as a ‘quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being’ hygge is more than just about your home, it’s a way of life. In the volatile decade that was the 2010’s, hygge was there to give us a warm cinnamon scented hug on our return home. And as potentially another uncertain decade looms, a survey by Swift discovered that our love of all things Scandi is set to continue, with the survey suggesting that 2020’s Nordic retreat theme has around a third of respondents planning on introducing the style in to their home.

The Nordic retreat theme of 2020 is hygge2.0. The serene schemes of hygge is updated with hints of pattern and texture, creating an effortlessly understated and stylish décor. Hygge is all about spending time with loved ones, and the Nordic retreat theme helps create warm and inviting spaces to while away the winter hours.

Now you’re onboard with the idea of hygge, how do you go about hygge-ing your home?

Choose a neutral colour palette

Hygge is all about blending into the background and allowing your mind some serenity. Neutral colours like Farrow and Ball’s house white, school house white, and wimborne white provide the perfect canvas. But be sure to choose warm neutrals to create a cosy and inviting feel.

Not just for walls, neutral colours can be used for soft furnishings and furniture too. Natural exposed wood is a key trend for the Nordic retreat theme and is easy to incorporate into any home.

Throw in some texture

The Nordic retreat trend of 2020 is about building on the hygge trend and using texture to add depth. Large woollen throws can be casually draped over sofas for those cold winter nights to snuggle under. Choose blush pinks, pale blues and French greys for an injection of subtle colour whilst making your home look effortlessly chic.

Add house plants to virtually every room to add interest and colour as well as health benefits.

Make your home smell of hygge

Just as sun-cream is a scent synonymous with summer, the Nordic retreat theme has a scent too! Think warm spices like cinnamon and ginger and opulent oils like oud and bergamot. Our favourite way to introduce the scent of hygge is by baking – the end result: a cinnamon scented home and baked goods – what’s not to love?!

Over a quarter of those surveyed consider the 2010’s to have been the best decade for interior design. It seems simple, muted minimalism is what people are after and in a world that is anything but simple, it’s easy to see why hygge is here to stay.


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