Is Cambodia a Viable Travel Destination for You?

Is Cambodia a Viable Travel Destination for You?

I love travelling. We have been lucky enough to go to all kinds of interesting places and really enjoyed ourselves. But with young children we tend to stay fairly close to home. Over the past few years, we have stayed in Venice, Disneyland Paris, Lake Garda, Ibiza and Les Deux Alpes (skiing), as well as enjoyed some breaks in the UK.

But the other day I came across an article about Cambodia. It garnered my interest and got me thinking about travelling further afield again when the kids are older. If you want to see this travel guide to Cambodia you just need to click the link. But, I have summarised things for you below to save you a bit of time because it is a bit of a long guide.

Follow your government’s travel advice

Cambodia is still one of the poorest countries on earth and is a place that has been plagued by conflict. However, at the time of my writing this article they have benefited from 25+ years of peace.

There is no doubt it is a battle-scarred place. But, the rate at which the country has been rebuilt and recovered its equilibrium is remarkable. However, before you book you need to see what your government is saying about travelling there.

For example, in some areas, landmines are still an issue. So, you really have to stick to the main paths and never pick up metal objects to stay safe.

Crime rates in Cambodia

No country is crime free and unfortunately, in a lot of places, it is tourists who are targeted. But, generally speaking, Cambodia is pretty good. In a few places, bag snatching is an issue. So, bear this in mind when deciding which bag to take and make sure your travel insurance covers you for this eventuality. Again, read and follow your government’s travel advice to help you to avoid trouble.

Staying connected

Internet coverage is good in the built-up areas, but still non-existent in many rural or island locations. This makes it a perfect place to tech detox, but a nightmare for some people.

The monsoon season

You can travel to Cambodia during the monsoon season, which runs between June and October. But, you need to expect travel delays. Sometimes lengthy ones, trains can get stuck for days if the lines flood.

Visas and passports

You need a visa. It is best to buy this online before you travel. Your passport needs to be valid for your entire trip. But, it is wise to have a little extra time on your passport, in case of delays. Plus, the requirements can change. Most countries now require visitors to carry a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after their planned return date. You also need to have a page free for an entry stamp. To gain entry you will also need a valid onward or return ticket.

Where to go

Cambodia is one of the most beautiful, unspoiled places on earth. So, take the time to travel to the countryside as well as visit the cities. The temples at Angor Wat and Bayon are stunning, seeing the glowing plankton at Koh Rong is memorable and the Ta Prohm Temple is impressive too. You can easily find out more about where to go via the web.


Have you ever been to Cambodia? Do you have any tips yourself? I’d love to hear them!

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