How to increase privacy in your garden

How to increase privacy in your garden

Many things can compel you to think about increasing the privacy in your garden. For instance, your neighbour’s second-story bedroom might overlook your garden on one side. And on the other, your other neighbour might be building an outdoor living area with – you guessed it – a view of your patio area.

With this many eyes on you, you’ll no longer enjoy sunbathing in your garden – that is, if you don’t increase its privacy. And here’s how to do so.

1. Grow a Hedge

To keep prying eyes out of their gardens, human beings have been using hedges for centuries and with reason – hedges are effective. So, when a new neighbour starts building a large multi-story house next to your property, start planting a hedge. And here’s why.

Local planning regulations don’t restrict the height of a hedge up to two metres, which is tall enough for most people. So regardless of how high your neighbour builds, your privacy is guaranteed. However, be ready to do spend time and elbow grease maintaining the hedge.

2. Build a Wooden Fence

In many cases, a hedge won’t do, for it can take years to grow to the desired height. Instead, you could go to a simple wooden fence. Coming in a range of designs and wood types, the fence can be up in no time. Better still, wooden fencing is typically dirt cheap as well as easy to both install and maintain. And if you love DIY work, you can build it yourself.

3. Install a Privacy Trellis

Despite their effectiveness, fences – both wooden and living – can make you seem like a snob. What’s more, they block views, not only into your yard but also out of it. So how do you maintain your yard’s privacy but preserve the view?

Simply install a privacy trellis to define a patio or deck. If you want only a little privacy, a simple wooden one will do. But for extra privacy and more shade, plant climbing plants around the structure, letting them twine around its top and some sides.

4. Install a Privacy Screen

If you have a wide garden, a hedge, fence, or trellis won’t do. The size of the garden will still allow prying glances through, even with these structures. In such a case, only a screen will do.

Made from either decorative metalwork or woodwork, a screen creates a private enclave in any corner of your large garden. But even so, it still lets in the sun and wind. Within this screen, set your patio furniture, and outside of it, potted plants for extra privacy.

5. Plant Trees

Speaking of large gardens, what do you do with the rest of the space once you install the screen? Instead of leaving it bare, plant trees for both shade and privacy.


To increase privacy in your back garden, grow a hedge if you can wait for it to grow. If not, install a wooden fence. Fences aside, you can also install a trellis or a screen. Finally, you can plant trees if you have a large yard.

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