How To Open Up Your Home Space Without Heavy Renovation

How To Open Up Your Home Space Without Heavy Renovation

The gift and curse of the homeowner are both sides of the same coin. A homeowner will often feel grateful, supported, and loving within their home, and make a range of amazing memories here. That’s the gift. The curse is that incessant need to keep renovating, to keep changing, to make the home beautiful now but only for a temporary period, as needs change over time.

Of course, this is less of a curse and perhaps more of an agreement that we all understand, and if you measure it correctly, it can become an additional blessing that you enjoy taking part in. That’s right, you needn’t have to pay for all positives in your life with an inevitable downside, because with a little care and attention, your home can be the equivalent of a sanctuary for all of those important to you.

To this end, we’d like to explore something that may be defined as a hassle, such as opening up a space or giving yourself more room to play with, and show you how you may achieve this result without the need for heavy renovation efforts or extreme spending. We hope it helps you fall in love with your home once more:

Bifold Windows

Bifold windows, especially aluminium bifold windows, can be a great means of opening up a wall space that you cannot afford or wish to knockdown. For example, the space between a kitchen and living or dining room can be opened to provide a windowed view, and this can look fantastic. Not only does it allow communication between those in either room, but it can help both spaces seem more open, while also giving its own sense of privacy. Additionally, these windows can be used to give more natural light to a space with unique design, such as a small corner room of an apartment.

Reorient Furniture

Moving the furniture around a room, subtracting unnecessary pieces, and wall mounting focal points such as the television can immediately open up the space, helping it seem much nicer than it might have done otherwise. This in itself can open up a room that otherwise felt cramped and tight, and should, therefore, be your first port of call.

Making Use Of Natural Light

Make use of the natural light within your room. It might be that opening up a sunlight or an extra window installation can help with this, but for those looking for a simple fix, a mirror can double the perception of space and natural light within a room, as the light can bounce to corners it may not have otherwise been privy to. Additionally, lighter colors and less darks can also prevent light from being absorbed or failing to reflect, meaning that tasteful design really can have massive effects on the aesthetic and perceived space of a room.


With this in mind, I hope you can really open your home space without too much heavy renovation!

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