How to Host the Perfect Summer Party

How to Host the Perfect Summer Party

With the UK enjoying these amazing temperatures, it’s safe to say that the summer season has officially arrived. This means more opportunities to enjoy being outside, whether that’s on walks, days out, or simply spending time in the garden. It’s also a great opportunity to host an outdoor event.

Whether you have a birthday or a celebration coming up, why not make the most of this lovely weather and host it outside? To help, here are some sizzling summer party tips.

Prepare for the Heat

When spending time outside, it’s important to plan for the heat. This is especially true if there are going to be little ones present. You can do this by keeping sun cream on-hand, ensuring there’s lots of water available, and providing shaded seating areas.

Make Drinks Accessible

Although you’re hosting, you want to be able to enjoy the gathering, too. Save yourself time refilling glasses by creating a drink station. Simply pour drinks into jugs or dispensers – there’s some great recipes here – so guests can help themselves and stay hydrated, too.

Consider Comfort

Depending on the size of your outdoor space and how many people you’re inviting, it’s likely that there won’t be enough chairs to seat everybody. However, you can make sure everyone is comfortable by putting out a basket of cushions, throws and picnic blankets.

Plan for the Weather

If you live in the UK, then you know we can experience all four seasons in one day. This means that when you decide to host an outdoor event, you need to plan for the weather. Do this by having umbrellas on hand, a patio heater, or prepping some indoor activities, like a stack of movies for your dvpsr170 DVD player.

Get the Food Right

For a summer party, you may decide on a barbeque or picnic style feast. No matter what party food you choose, make sure to cater for a range of dietary requirements. This includes vegan, vegetarian and if your guests have any allergies, gluten, dairy or egg free options.

Choose Mood Lighting

As well as being practical, outdoor lighting can really set the mood for your event. Whether you choose an outdoor floor lamp, a series of lanterns or fairy lights, you can dress your garden and set the ambience for the summer party.

Set the Tone

You’ve put up the lights, sorted your seating area and decorated the garden, but something is still missing. Remember to include music. Put on a playlist to set the tone of your event and add a party vibe.

Planning a summer party can be difficult, but hopefully these tips will help yours go smoothly.


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