How to Choose Sustainable Furniture for your Energy-efficient Home?

How to Choose Sustainable Furniture for your Energy-efficient Home?

Are you planning to build and manage an energy-efficient home? Then furnishing your household with sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture should be one of your priorities. Investing in eco-friendly furniture can help motivate everyone in your household to follow a more sustainable way of living.

However, you can’t just buy any furniture item introduced to you as sustainable. It is advisable to research about it and determine if it can indeed genuinely help you build an energy-efficient home. One thing that you have to take note of regarding sustainable furniture is that it is often constructed from renewable and non-toxic sources, such as recycled materials.

The main idea behind such design and make is to ensure that the products and materials will always be recycled after each use to prevent their constant disposal in the landfills. This can contribute to a healthy environment indoors. To help you choose from the many eco-friendly pieces of furniture, here are some tips and guidelines to keep in mind. All these tips will push you closer towards your dream of building a sustainable home.

Pick sustainable materials

Of course, the materials should be sustainable for the furniture item to be considered as eco-friendly. Note that you will immediately know if suppliers are responsible if they can disclose information about the materials used in creating the item, how and where they source it, and whether or not the materials are recycled. Keep in mind that whether a furniture item is constructed from metal, plastic, cloth, wood, or any other material, you can always have access to earth-friendly choices.

If you love to take advantage of solid wood furniture deals then make sure that your chosen supplier harvested the wood used in creating your preferred item through sustainable means. Among the best sources of wooden furniture are sustainably harvested tree farms and forests as well as reclaimed wood.

Go for durable and fixable pieces of furniture

One vital aspect of eco-friendly furniture items is their durability. Look for a sturdy and long-lasting piece. It should be tough enough and repairable to reduce its chance of ending up in the landfill. This allows you to save money since you will no longer have to spend too much on buying another piece or set in case it gets damaged. It is even possible for you to pass on the furniture pieces to another. With that, it can surely meet your goal of building an energy-efficient home.

Conduct good research

Note that getting a sustainable piece of furniture starts with proper research. Remember that a lot of companies may claim that they are selling eco-friendly or green furniture pieces even without genuine or authentic proof. Make it a point to conduct good and extensive research about a particular supplier.

Make sure that the company is certified by authorised organisations when it comes to selling sustainable furniture. It is advisable to educate yourself regarding such certifications and the specific features and qualities that make an item sustainable. By knowing about all these things, you have a higher chance of formulating smart decisions when making your furniture purchases.

Stick to the minimalist mentality

Nowadays, the consumerist mentality of a lot of people tends to cripple the environment. This is the main reason why you should start adopting the minimalist mentality especially if you want to run an energy-efficient household. This mentality requires you to own less generally, particularly furniture. Do not buy too many pieces of furniture so you can lessen your contribution to waste and carbon footprint.

The good news is that you can be flexible when it comes to infusing your lifestyle with minimalism. For instance, you can lessen the pieces of furniture you own by investing in multipurpose and practical ones. As an example, you can buy a low stool, which you can also use as a side table every time you do not use it as a seat.

Choose pieces of furniture constructed from recycled materials

Recycling certain materials to create furniture pieces needs fewer resources and minimal processing compared to the ones needed when using new materials. With that in mind, you should consider going for products created using recycled materials. This also serves as a means of support to the market composed of recycled materials.

Before buying furniture made from recycled materials, though, you have to determine what the term “recyclable” truly means. A wise tip is to choose products with Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification. Stay away from hybrids that are difficult to disassemble and recycle appropriately.

Go for bamboo furniture

One thing that makes bamboo furniture amazing in terms of sustainability is its durability. This means that it will serve its purpose for as long as possible. It is a versatile material, too, which allows you to make it function as a flooring material and a modern piece of furniture.

However, you still have to exercise caution when investing in bamboo furniture. It should be eco-friendly in the sense that it does not contain toxic and harsh chemicals, such as formaldehyde, present in the glue often used in attaching the pieces of bamboo together. It should be in its most natural form as much as possible to guarantee its sustainability.

Make sure that the piece of furniture does not contain harsh chemicals

You can’t consider any furniture containing harsh chemicals as sustainable, so you have to scrutinize each piece before buying. Check the cushions, for instance, as there are those constructed from highly flammable polyurethane materials. Note that some manufacturers improve the versatility of seats by treating the cushion’s material using fire-retardant toxins.

The problem with this is that this type of cushion tends to break down eventually. The dust that it emits is also toxic not only to humans but also to the environment. If possible, avoid faux leather, pleather, and any other substitutes of leather material as they are usually treated heavily with chemicals.

If you want to add a leather furniture item in a specific room as a part of its theme then ensure that it has hypoallergenic stuffing. However, you also have to remind yourself that tanning is not that eco-friendly, so limit your use of such materials as much as possible.


Filling your home with sustainable furniture items is one secret to making your home as energy-efficient as possible. However, it is necessary to do extensive research before each purchase. Do not hesitate to ask questions to suppliers, too. Determine where the furniture is sourced and the specific chemicals used in creating the item. Be familiar with certain eco-friendly certifications, too, as these serve as proof of how sustainable a specific furniture piece is.


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