How to bring your ensuite bathroom to life

How to bring your ensuite bathroom to life

Having an ensuite is a total game changer when you’ve got to share bathroom time with your family or housemates, or in the middle of the night when nature calls. Not only that but having your own bathroom is that extra piece of privacy that you can really benefit from. If and when you’re fortunate enough to have that, then it boils down to what you’re going to do with it. In our old house we were lucky enough to have an ensuite in our master loft bedroom, and I’m not going to lie, I do miss it at times!

Depending on your own personality will determine the final look and feel that you go for, but for the most part, there are some main features that you’ll want to focus your attention on.

Here are just a few examples to get you on the right track.   

Draw attention to that feature wall

A feature wall is there to be looked at and admired, so if it’s not doing its job if it isn’t standing out among the other walls. There are many different ways of doing this, by the colour you choose, to what it displays. Have a think about the overall theme of how you want your bathroom to look, that way you should already have a balanced colour scheme in mind. If you don’t, then essentially you want to think of two colours. The first being your main primary colour, the other your secondary. Ideally, you will have two very different colours that compliment each other.

Beautify your shower space

Why have a dull looking bath or shower area when it can be so much more than that? Just because it’s there for a specific purpose doesn’t mean that it can’t also be visually pleasing too. You’d be surprised at just how far you can go, from white sparkle shower panels that bring that bit of magic and glimmer, to led lights fitted into the shower head so you have a collection of colours pour down on you. Remember that no matter how long you may take in the shower, be it two minutes or twenty, it’s all about enhancing your experience and ensuring its a positive one every time.

Give your other senses a treat

It isn’t just about making your en-suite look the part – it also needs to feel the part, and in order to do this you need to engage your other senses. Smell is just as important as sight, because it can look as pretty as you like, but if it doesn’t smell very nice, then you’re not going to like being in there. Incense sticks and scented candles are a lovely way to bring in a pretty scent, while giving you a relaxing environment to unwind in. Add a little music to that of an evening, and you’ll have a stunning spa-like retreat to go home to every day.


Now you have a few ideas, get thinking of how you can implement your own little pops of personality to truly make your ensuite bathroom your own.


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