How to Become a Bona Fide Eco Warrior

We’re all beginning to understand that we have to adapt the way we’re living if we’re going to preserve the natural world. While it would be handy if there were a quick fix to this immense problem, the truth is that only real change will be enough to keep the ecosystem in place for future generations and all the animals around the world. Much of the changes will have to happen at the governmental level, but we all have our roles to play! And as well as doing our bit, by adopting earth-friendly practices, we’ll be encouraging others to do the same. Check out how to become a bona fide eco-warrior below.

green plant being held

Find Your Flaws

First thing’s first: you’ll need to take a look at your own carbon footprint mistakes. It’s easy to criticize people that drive petrol-guzzling cars, but that won’t help all that much. Look at your own behaviour first. Are you guilty of taking too many cheap flights, for example? Do you not recycle as much as you can? Find ways to correct your most significant flaws, and then you’ll be in a position to push things forward.

Learn to Talk

If you’re aiming to become an eco-warrior, then you probably already have a good sense of what to do and why it’s important. But if you look back on your journey towards this point, you’ll probably find that it took a long time, and that others helped you along the way. Perhaps someone you know inspired you to give up meat, for instance. There are other people out there who haven’t taken the same journey that you have. If they’re interested, talk about your environmental stance — it might be that they just need a little push to become an eco-warrior themselves, and your confidence in your lifestyle will also develop and grow. 

Where You Shop

Everything is a political action, including where you shop and what you buy. You might want to buy that dirt-cheap toaster from China, but it’s probably not very environmentally friendly, and won’t last very long either (more wastage). When you need to buy items, think about the source and the impact it has on the world. You can fill your wardrobe with sustainable clothing, and buy an eco-friendly smartphone (they do exist!). You’ll be limiting your carbon footprint, and encouraging a growing market — one that can make a big difference in the world —  to develop further.

In the Kitchen

Most people are capable of adopting earth-friendly practices like turning off lights when they’re not in use and taking shorter showers, but the truth that the impact of these actions is nothing compared to one of the biggest polluters on earth: meat. The water used to make just one hamburger is equivalent to a whole months’ worth of showers, for instance. You don’t need to go fully vegan to make a difference; even reducing your intake of meat products will make a big difference. Just be aware that some vegan products, such as almond milk, can also be bad for the environment

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