How To Be A Good Wedding Guest

When we talk about wedding day stress, we often think about the bride and groom, and everything that they need to be doing to ensure that their big day is perfect. But we quite often forget about the bridal party, and the people invited to the wedding. Although these people don’t have all the stress of the planning stages and everything that entails, the guests, of course, need to turn up, being in bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed. Because unhappy guests are particularly quick to share this knowledge with other friends and family.

Dress code

Generally, if there is a dress code to be had at the wedding, it will be on the invite. So checking that you don’t have instructions before you go and choose her green dress, especially if it doesn’t match the overall theme if the bride and groom ask that everybody dresses up in 20s attire, then that’s what we will do, there are definitely lots of options, and sometimes you can get away with your own unique style with your clothing, you can even choose from the options of lemon suits and mint and seafoam green dresses.


The food at a wedding can be the option to make it or break the day. It may sound dramatic, but when people have been waiting around for a long time, it’s nice to have a decent meal. As a wedding guest, however, you must keep yourself fed and take food at the right time before the wedding to ensure that you don’t end up feeling too hungry on the day. The options will be given to you by the venue, and all you have to do is pick your favorites, but the guests are generally quick to forgive, and you can all have a fantastic time regardless of what food is on display. It’s more about the bride and groom and their families than it is about the wedding cake. 


Knowing the timeline of the day ahead of you is going to help you plan your day, plan your clothing, and plan any quick stops that you may have for the day. This is especially true if you have children with you, or children are attending the wedding. They tend to have limitless energy, and even though it may have been going since the early hours of the morning, they will still spend time on the dancefloor dancing away with friends and relatives. Also, you really don’t want to miss the pictures of the first dance, or cutting the cake, so knowing roughly when these are going to happen can help you decide whether you need to take a quick break or not.


Ultimately it’s a huge honor to be invited to spend a special day with your relatives and friends; getting married is something to celebrate, and you can help your family have a wonderful time and make memories for years to come. So try to relax, think about what you need to do to be comfortable for the day, and enjoy every second of it. Quite often you will see people you haven’t seen for years, and it’s great to see people celebrating dinner for one another.

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