How To Add A Touch Of Glamour To Your Home

Interior design can make or break the aesthetic of a home; one poorly placed accessory and you can completely later the effect it has on its occupant. This is often why people struggle to introduce fashionable new trends or a touch of glamour into their homes, because it’s difficult to get right, especially with how quickly fashion changes. 

One of the best ways to tackle this issue, is to opt for an interior design trend that never goes out of fashion. Glamour, particularly that derived from classic design, provides an iconic look that virtually every home can adapt to suit budget, space, and personal preferences. What is more, you don’t have to go all in if you don’t want to — just by adding a few select features, you can transform the space without rehauling your whole house. 

Statement Carpeting

If you want to go big on glamour, nothing does that more than a statement rug. In a similar way that big, statement hair draws a lot of attention and adds that final wow factor to your outfit, so does a large, chic rug. If you have the money to do so, opt for a carpet that not only has a bold, striking pattern but that also has texture as well. No matter if you have hardwood or soft flooring, a rug will always finalise the theme of your living space.

Reflective Surfaces

Glass tabletops and large, ornate mirrors — these two elements are the epitome of glamorous interior design, and are relatively easy to achieve without spending much money. If you’ve got a smaller space to work with, such as a dressing room, then you may want to opt for a Hollywood mirror with lights. Such a piece will stand out within such a compact space, but while also reflecting the natural light that filters into your room. Nothing is more glamorous than putting on your makeup while sitting in front of one of these grand mirrors. 

Floor Length Drapery

Whenever you see a sumptuous home on the television or in films, the curtains drape from the ceiling all the way to the floor. This introduction of a waterfall of textiles not only adds depth to your design, but can also help make a small window appear larger. If you don’t want to move your curtain rail to help add some extra length, at least make sure to allow your curtains to brush against the floor. That sweeping effect is what adds the drama to this feature. 

Accent Detailings

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture and felt instantly drawn to it, even if you can’t figure out why. You feel that it complements the rest of the room, but there’s something different about it that makes it stand out from everything else…? This is how effective accent detailing can be. You can either opt for a single piece of accent furniture, or by adding some accent detailings to items you already own. If you need some inspiration, look no further than the stunning pieces here.


If your home needs a glamorous facelift, these four tips are a fantastic way to do it. They’re simple, effective, and will instantly transform your home with only minimal effort involved. 


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