How I keep warm at home in the winter

How I keep warm at home in the winter

Now we are into January, and it’s pretty much a given that the next few months are usually, how shall we put it? A little on the chilly side! Obviously when I’m out and about in the cold weather, especially with the kids, we all wrap up warm in our big coats, gloves and hats (when the children are in the mood that it- I love a hat).

But what about indoors?

Cranking up the heating sounds like the obvious way of keeping warm, but with heating and gas bills often costing a fortune these days, many people want to stay cosy without spending a fortune, but equally without compromising the health of themselves of their families. 

Here is what I do to keep warm at home before I reach for the thermostat dial…

Add more layers

First port of call for keeping cosy at home is wearing layers. I remember living with my friends at uni and having big debates about the heating, as one friend (who I still love dearly thankfully!) used to wander around the house in a vest top and shorts whilst the heating was on full blast, which wasn’t ideal when everyone was on a budget when it came to the bills. In our home now we layer up with t-shirt, sweatshirt and hoody, and often add cosy cashmere socks and slippers. Chums have a great selection of clothing that can be layered to keep warm as home, yet is comfy too for hanging around the house. 

Cook up some winter warmers

Despite lots of people loathing January and winter once Christmas is over, I have to admit that the winter season is probably my favourite anyway when it comes to cooking. I absolutely love rustling up big beef bourguignons in our Le Creuset casserole dish, and slow cooker soups and stews, or roast dinners. A mug of soup and a toasted sandwich is a staple lunch for our little ones, and helps keep their tummies warm for a good few hours. A hot chocolate also goes down a treat too!

Cuddle up in blankets

We have the best chunky knitted throw now in our living room that everyone loves snuggling up under when watching the telly or reading a book, plus several other blankets. As well as keeping warm without heating, they just make you feel all cosy and relaxed, and we have a little pile of them building up. Now I just need a stylish basket to house them all in! 

Chums have created this great E-Book on the subject of keeping warm at home if you fancy a read:


How do you keep warm in the winter at home without blasting the heating out 24/7? I’d love to hear some tips to possibly add to this post.

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