How Can You Make Sure Your Wedding Is The Event Of The Year!

There comes a point in just about everyone’s lives where it feels as though they’re going to a wedding every other week or so. It should hardly come as much of surprise since most people tend to start thinking about weddings at around the same time in their lives and if you and your friends are reaching that age, then weddings are going to start being much more frequent. Of course, that raises something of a dilemma when your own wedding rolls around. After all, if your friends and family are going to multiple weddings over the course of a year, how are you supposed to make sure that your’s stands out? Sure, your wedding is always going to be important to you and your partner (who are definitely the most important people in this situation) but you don’t want to end up putting huge amounts of time and effort, not to mention money, into a wedding that’s just going to end up blurred together with a dozen others. A lot of people assume you need a huge budget to be able to make your wedding stand out, but that’s not true. All it really takes is a little bit of creativity and dedication. With that in mind, here are some incredibly simple things that you can do to make sure that yours is a wedding that your friend remember for a long, long time.


Handmade invitations

wedding invitations for event of the year

The first thing that you should think about when trying to make an impact on your wedding guests is your invitations. After all, if people are going to receive dozens of wedding invites, you’ll want yours to stand out as the event of the year! The best way to avoid falling into this trap is to make them by hand. That way, not only are they not going to look like anyone else’s, but each invitation will be something that your friends can treasure forever since it’s going to be completely and utterly one-of-a-kind. If you’re not really the crafty sort then there are plenty of places that offer bespoke invitations that have been professionally designed. Of course, if you are going to do this, it’s a good idea to start planning it as soon as possible, since writing invitations can take long enough, to begin with, even if you’re not making each one by hand. You may even want to send out something like a save the date postcard as early as possible. That way, you can make sure that everyone who you want to be there knows about your wedding well in advance.

Gift place settings

Place settings are, unsurprisingly, a pretty useful and crucial part of any wedding. If people don’t know where to sit, things are going to get confusing pretty quickly. However, why not go one step further and give your guests a little favour when they sit down. Having a little package to open can make a fantastic impression on any wedding guest. It doesn’t even need to be something particularly spectacular. The simple act of having something to open and enjoy is often enough to great the kind of impression that you really want to make. Think about the kinds of things that you can provide your guests that are easy to source and aren’t going to end up costing you a huge amount of money.

A photobooth

One of the best ways to help your wedding stick in your guests’ minds is to give them something physical to remember the day by. One of the best ways to do that is to let them take pictures. Sure, everyone’s got a camera on their phones, and people will almost certainly be uploading photos of your big day to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, there’s just something wonderfully fun about a photo booth that leaves a great impression on people. It’s the kind of thing that can lead to some hilarious situations and photos, as well as offering your guests something that they can actually take home after the big day is finished. These kinds of things end up becoming an integral part of the precious memories that a lot of people create during your big day.

A unique venue

Most people’ choices of wedding venues are, to put it politely, a little predictable. Sure, it’s fair that tradition rules when it comes to the ceremony, but people really seem to forget that there are other options than a fancy hotel or manor house for the reception. Why not give your guests something they’ve not seen before and choose a slightly more unique venue. If you’re going for the homemade style of weddings, then a circus-style marquee can be incredibly effective. Or maybe there’s some building that you and your partner really love that you think would be perfect? After all, what guest isn’t going to be wowed by pulling up the venue and realising that they’re going to be spending their evening in a literal castle? Don’t be afraid to look for some different options and see what catches your eye!

Of course, one thing that you need to think about more carefully than just about any other part of your wedding is the people who are going to be there. After all, your guests are the second most important set of people, after you and your partner obviously, so you want to make sure that not only are all of your guests are happy but that the guests you’re inviting and contributing to the kind of day that you and your partner want to create.

Who will be there?

champagne toast event of the year

This might seem like a seriously obvious question, but it’s actually more complicated than it might first appear. For one thing, you should ask yourself, who do you actually want to invite to your wedding? So often, a bride and groom end up inviting people to their wedding out of some sense of obligation rather than actually wanting them there. When that happens, it can make things pretty awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. But the people at your wedding aren’t just limited to the guests. Everyone from the photographer to the person who’s actually conducting the service are people who will be attending your wedding, so you’ll want to make sure that they’re the right people for you. You also need to be sure that your venue can accommodate all of the people who are going to be there. The last thing you want is for all of your guests to end up sandwiched in together like sardines in a tin can.

Kids or no kids?

This is a question that many couples face when they’re planning a wedding. Some people feel as though kids are the life and soul of any celebration and that any wedding without kids is going to be missing something. However, there are also those who feel as though a wedding should be a calm, refined, adults-only affair and that the sense of chaotic energy that kids almost inevitably bring should be saved for other places. That choice is entirely down to you and your partner, but it’s something that a lot of people tend not to consider. If you decide to have kids at your wedding, then think about things that you can do to keep them entertained, like a crafts table or specialised, kid-friendly zones.

Seating arrangements

Once you’ve decided who is actually going to be at your wedding, you need to think about where they’re going to sit. This might seem like an incredibly small, simple aspect of a wedding but it can often end up taking up a huge amount of time and space in your mind. You don’t want to separate people into groups in a way that makes anyone feel less important than anyone else, but at the same time, you’re going to want the people closest to your to be near you during the reception. Think about mixing up family members, so your’s and your partner’s guests aren’t separated. Not only that but it’s a good idea to have a solid mix of people at every table. Outside of your own table, where you’ll likely have your closest friends and family, there’s no reason to arrange things by how close you are to certain people.

Of course, you shouldn’t focus all of your energy on making sure that your wedding is memorable. If you do that, then you’re going to end up creating a wedding that’s more for your guests than it is for you and your partner. Make sure that your number one priority is that you and your partner have a day that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Sure, it’s natural to want to offer your guests something special, but that should never take priority over you and your partner taking that first, wonderful step towards a new life together.


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