Holiday Ideas That Belong On Your Bucket List

Are you one of those who has recently developed a severe case of wanderlust and needs to experience travel in all of its many flavours? Or are you someone who has had plenty of holidays, but is sick of experiencing the same kind of thing time and time again? The bucket list might be just what you need. It’s not just a list of places you love to visit, it’s an exercise in considering all the different kind of trips possible, all the different kind of experiences you can have out there. If you’re looking to get as full an experience of this world as possible, then it’s worth considering the following kids of holidays for your bucket list.

Taking a seaside sojourn

If you’ve travelled a lot, then it’s likely you’ve already had at least one beach vacation ticked off your bucket list. However, just because it fits with the common idea of the “traditional holiday” doesn’t mean that it’s not worth experiencing once in a while. There are few better ways to get away from the stresses of the world than by sunbathing and cooling off in the pure blue sea. Take a look at the guide for The Best Island Paradise to Visit for some ideas of places that can truly help you get away from it all.

Finding a ski spot

Are you an adrenaline junky? Would you like to combine that with some true natural beauty, as well as some luxury service to pamper you after your thrills? Then a ski break might just be the kind of vacation that suits all of your needs. From chalets to mountain villages, the ski break offers comfort and luxuriant treatment, not just excellent opportunities to kick up some powder and rush down the side of a mountain. Ski resorts also tend to offer helicopter tours, sledging, snowboarding, and great hiking trails, so it’s not like the only thing that you can do there is ski. Check out some of the most popular skiing destinations to get a glimpse of what the mountains could hold for you, whether you’re an old hand or a total newcomer to the slopes.

Going on a true journey

Whether you’re going by car or with little more than a backpack to take with you, there is something romantic and inherently adventurous about going out on a true voyage and getting away from the home for a much longer period of time. It’s a great way to see a lot more of the world in one trip, though it takes a lot of organisation. Articles such as 12 Things To Consider Before Starting A Long Term Travel Journey can help you consider a lot more of the more important concerns before heading off. Being poorly prepared is an easy way to see that trip ending prematurely, after all.

Go sailing away

The idea of seeing multiple destinations and of truly experiencing the world and ticking off your bucket list might have caught your eye, but perhaps you’re not so enthusiastic about having to work your way from destination to destination. Perhaps you’d simply prefer to sit back and be pampered until you arrive at the destination, catch the sights, and then go right back to relaxing. The luxury cruise might just be what you’re after, with fine dining, entertainment, and plenty of facilities to keep you entertained while on the high seas. While cruises might typically be associated with very pricey excursions, there are affordable options out there that can help just about anyone enjoy some time out at sea.

Take a peek into the history

Do you consider yourself something of a history buff? Or perhaps you’re simply someone who enjoys a good story, such as a siege, a battle, or a voyage. There are no holiday destinations on the planet that don’t have some kind of history to learn about them. However, there are some cities, some monuments, and some spots that have richer, deeper, and more exciting stories than you will find in any book. The chance to see, feel, and be amongst history is amongst one of the richest vacations you can have. There are plenty of guides like 10 Destinations All History Lovers Must Visit that you can use for inspiration, too. Visit a place that you have some interest in or take a chance and learn about a whole new history from a previously unknown destination.

 See the natural world, too

Art, culture, architecture and the history of other peoples across the earth is one of the most effective draws for visiting other destinations. However, the world has a lot more to offer than humankind’s achievements alone, as we can see through the millions upon millions of animal species that we share the world with. Safaris have, unfortunately, long had a connotation with hunting that many conscientious travellers would prefer to avoid. But there are plenty of safaris that fund conversation efforts, allowing you to get closer to some of the world’s most majestic beasts whilst also directly contributing to their survival. Look for eco-tourism sites if you want to make sure that you’re doing your part as a traveller to do more good than harm.

The city break

However, for those who are much more interested in experience life as you would as the citizen of another city, then sometimes you don’t have to go much further than a few blocks away from the hotel or B&B that you’re staying at. City breaks are becoming increasingly popular not only because they’re a lot easier to organise, but also because they can be cheaper. Guides such as Best Destinations for a City Break can give you plenty of inspiration on different places to check out, as well as some of the highlights of each of the destinations of each location mentioned.


Needless to say, these aren’t the only kinds of holidays available. However, hopefully, they do give you an idea of what’s out there and what to think about.

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