Giving Up Smoking For 2020

Do you enjoy smoking but worry about the effect it is having on your health and your bank balance? This is how most people feel. This situation was once an impossible one, but not anymore! 

Yes, you did read that correctly; you can enjoy smoking yet improve your health AND your bank balance at the same time! The electronic cigarettes of today are a revolutionary product that allows people to enjoy the smoking experience without inhaling the harmful chemicals that are so damaging to your health. Yes, the same chemicals which are responsible for short breath, chesty coughs, and yellow teeth. A lot of smokers are also suffering from loose teeth. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop experiencing these horrible side effects?

You still get to enjoy all the pleasure associated with smoking. You get to experience the taste and the inhaling action. Yet all the pain of traditional smoking is obliterated. Electronic cigarettes are free from tobacco and free from tar. These are the two chemicals that cause the majority of health issues associated with smoking – contrary to popular belief; nicotine is not to blame. By removing the tar and carcinogens produced from burning tobacco, you are able to offer you an enjoyable smoking experience without any consequences. 

You will soon begin to notice the positive impact on your health. Your breathing will improve dramatically and consequently, you will have more stamina too. You will also notice that your ability to smell and taste has improved substantially too – this is something quite a lot of people don’t realise they have lost until they give up smoking and experience the improvement. You will also notice that your skin and teeth look much healthier too. And of course, you will get rid of that pesky lingering smoker’s breathe!

Your solution to the indoor smoking ban! 

Are you sick of having to go outside every time you fancy a cigarette? There is nothing worse than enjoying a nice drink in the pub with your friends only to have to go outdoors every time you want a smoke. And when you consider the weather in the UK this usually involves getting soaking wet too! Well with electronic cigarettes, not only can you smoke indoors all over the country but you can do so without inhaling any harmful chemicals too. You kill two birds with one stone!

There is no doubt that the indoor cigarette ban in the UK has come at a great inconvenience to those who smoke. But, why not use this as an opportunity? Why not see this as a chance to kick the habit once and for all? We are sure you don’t want to sport yellow teeth and smelly hair for the rest of your life! Nor will you want to struggle to breathe easily either! Use electronic cigarettes to get rid of all of the harmful effects associated with traditional smoking whilst still technically enjoying a cigarette – and even better you will have the added advantage of being able to do so indoors!

We know what you’re thinking; how is an electronic cigarette going to give the same taste and sensation of smoking the real thing? Well, let us explain how it works. They use a simple heater and a liquid-filled cartridge. The nicotine will then be mixed with the water and consequently turned into a vapour cloud. This is inhaled in the exact same way as it would be if you were smoking a regular cigarette. And this is only enhanced by the fact that there are different flavours available, including regular, mild, and menthol. 

In fact, the only difference between electronic cigarettes and the ones you are smoking right now is the fact that you won’t inhale any harmful chemicals nor will you release any into the environment either. Because of this, you will be able to smoke wherever you like. Remember those long plane journeys you once couldn’t face because you couldn’t go that long without a cigarette? Well, now you can with some airlines! Remember those bruises you wake up with after pushing past everyone to get to the smoking area outside the nightclub? Well, you won’t get those anymore either! An electronic cigarette gives you not only a healthier life but a more enjoyable one too!

Positive reviews are everywhere!

You will struggle to find a negative electronic cigarette review. Why? This revolutionary product uses clever technology in order to create the exact same sensation of smoking a cigarette without the incorporation of tobacco. It’s NOT giving up. It’s simply smoking without all of the harmful chemicals. Thus you get to enjoy everything you love about the smoking experience, yet you also eradicate all the worry associated with health concerns. After all, this all stems from tobacco and by taking this out of the equation, you take away all of the negative effects associated with it too.  

One of the main reasons why so many people give us a positive electronic cigarette review is because they notice positive improvements to their bodies. And not only will you feel better personally, but so will your wallet too. Getting healthy should be affordable to all and this is reflected in low costs. The amount of money you can save in comparison to what you currently spend on smoking regular cigarettes is quite frankly staggering. The average smoker who has 20 cigarettes a day can save over £2000 per year if they switch to electronic cigarettes. That’s not a mistake; two thousand pounds!! So you get to enjoy the smoking experience, you get to say goodbye to the health risks associated with tobacco, and you get to save a potential £2000. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?


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