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arrow stencils from Stencil Revolution

I think I mentioned in one of my recent posts that we are looking forward to the summer holidays now, and that we’re also looking to use and enjoy some of the many craft sets that we’ve accumulated from various birthdays this year. When it comes to crafts, both of our older two really enjoy creating something, and even Freddie, who wasn’t so into drawing/painting when he was younger, really loves sitting down now and creating a masterpiece! One of the drawing activities they’ve always enjoyed doing (and indeed, something I quite like sitting down and doing with them), has been using stencils. 

We’ve had some fairly basic ones before- i.e  vehicle, stars etc, so when Stencil Revolution asked if we’d like to review some of their own (often unusual ones), we jumped at the chance. 

Stencil Revolution are based in the US (so perfect for my many US readers!) but they also ship to the UK and beyond (our delivery arrived ridiculously swiftly much to my delight), and they are the perfect company for those who love their crafts and stenciling, as they do so many unusual ones (have a look at some of them here). I’m eyeing up the Banksy collection and the Christmas stencils!

I decided to choose some stencils that I haven’t seen in the shops over here, and also ones that I thought both myself and Freddie and Sasha could get creative with: Paw Prints, Arrows/hearts/feathers, a giant turtle (great for colouring in the finished stencil) and some farm animals. The stencils come in a wide variety of sizes, so you can adapt them to suit the project you have in mind.

arrow stencils from Stencil Revolutionturtle stencil from Stencil Revolutionpaw print stencil

The stencils are laser cut with a professional grade co2 cutting machine, meaning that there are no raggedy edges to snag on your pencil as your draw.  

Here are some of our stenciling creations!

Sasha used the turtle stencil to create a ‘goodbye’ card for a boy in her class who is moving abroad for a while- very sweet!

Freddie made a sign using the paw print stencils for the cupboard that stores our pet food.

I loved watching Sasha use her imagination and use the farm animal stencils to create character animals with speech bubbles. Stencils are great for starting off a picture and then children can get creative and add to it!


I’m about to enjoy creating some writing paper/letter paper with our arrow and feather stencils- so pretty and a great way to create something unique. 

I’m so pleased with our stencils, and knowing the creative minds of F and S, I’m sure they’ll find so many ways to use them! We can’t wait to order a few more to try out.


*Thanks to Stencil Revolution for partnering with The Spirited Puddle Jumper


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