Fun and Inexpensive Ways to Entertain the Kids this Winter

Fun and Inexpensive Ways to Entertain the Kids this Winter

With lots of time off school and plenty of weekends to fill, it can be difficult to find something new to do with your kids each time without spending an arm and a leg. At this time of year, it can be difficult to balance out the present buying with the fun activities that you want to do, but to keep things simple whilst enjoyable, why not select a few fun days out, combined with plenty of inexpensive activities to enjoy at home too. If you’re struggling to think of ways to entertain the youngsters at home, then here’s a selection of ideas to give you the inspiration you need.

Bake Up a Treat

Not only is baking the perfect way to fill your home with a delicious smell of home cooked chocolate cake or fresh cookies, but it’s also a really good way to get your little ones doing something that will benefit them further down the line. The skills you use and learn whilst baking is essential in life, and with baking being such a fun activity, it’s a bonus! From delicious Christmas cookies, to fresh cupcakes or a tasty chocolate pudding, there are so many simple yet scrummy recipes that you and your little ones can create, with a yummy reward at the end!

DIY Christmas Cards

If there’s one thing that every grandparent will love receiving at Christmas time, it’s a homemade card from their grandchild. Purchasing the required items for your Christmas card making can be a really inexpensive process too, as all you’ll need are some pieces of card, decorative stickers or accessories and some pens. This is a great way for your children to get involved with the Christmas spirit whilst still creating something that will spark their imagination and bring out their creative flair. Just like they’d do at school, they can enjoy some arts and crafts whilst learning at the same time.

Festive Baubles

Whether you decide to hang them on the tree, in the garden or on the staircase, baubles are a great decorative item that bring your interiors to life. Set up a small creative space in your house, using a tarpaulin sheet to protect the flooring, and start to get creative. Choose from a selection of different sized baubles that are plain and ready for you to decorate, then you can get to work with the glitter and all other fancy décor touches that will bring a festive touch to the baubles! These are ideal for decorating the house, or giving to relatives and friends for Christmas gifts.

Garden Fun

Getting out into the garden through the winter may sound crazy, but if you and your little ones wrap up warm there is plenty of fun to be had. Whatever the weather, there is always a fun activity than can be enjoyed, whether that’s jumping from puddle to puddle in your wellies, making a funny snowman or having a competition as to who can make the biggest pile of leaves! There are so many ways in which you can have fun in the garden whilst getting some valuable fresh air at the same time.


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