From Head to Toe: Skincare Ideas for Pampering Yourself

From Head to Toe: Skincare Ideas for Pampering Yourself

No matter how busy you might be, everybody needs to take a break — especially us mums. But sadly, with all the school drop-offs, going to work, and managing the household, health and wellness can often take a backseat. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to take care of yourself without taking up too much of your time and effort. Like I mentioned in this previous post ‘How to Look After Your Health as a Busy Parent’, looking after yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. Even just going outside for some fresh air or drinking lemon water in the morning can do you wonders.

Sometimes, however, you deserve to go the extra mile and reserve an evening or an afternoon to relax and restore your sanity. For head to toe rejuvenation, here are some skincare ideas for your next relaxing pamper day.

Make a DIY mask

No time to go to the dermatologist? No problem! There are tons of masks you can buy at your local pharmacy or supermarket, but for an all-natural option, you can always just make your own. Beauty writers Chloe Metzger and Lori Keong outline some of the easiest recipes for bright, glowing skin. You’d be surprised that most of the ingredients are probably already in your kitchen! Slather on your finished mask, pop in a movie, and you’re all set.

Take a milk bath

We’ve all heard of the legendary Queen Cleopatra and her lavish beauty regimen. But out of all the exotic mud masks and botanical extracts she’s known to have used, her most famous ritual is the milk bath — and for good reason! An article on Lifealth details the myriad of benefits that come with milk baths, from relieving dry skin and light exfoliation, to lightening skin tone and combatting age. The invigorating experience is, of course, a bonus.

Try jade rolling

Before the jade facial rolling trend took over the Instagram beauty community, people probably raised their eyebrows at the thought of rubbing a stone on one’s face. But in reality, jade facial rollers have been used to massage the skin since the 17th century in China. The rolling sensation promotes blood circulation, which gives you a brighter flush. On top of this, it also clears your skin of any puffiness and swelling. Use it over your usual serum or moisturiser to help your skin absorb the product more, or pop it in the fridge beforehand for an extra-cool soothing effect.

Don’t forget your feet

Skincare doesn’t stop at your face! In Japan, the foot peeling trend is all the rage. The butterfly foot peeling mask review on Pretty Me states that this gentle exfoliation is far better than the harsh scrubbing we’re probably used to at the nail spa. The treatment promises to leave your feet feeling as smooth as a baby’s. And because most of us spend long and hectic days on our feet, it’s only right that they get as much TLC.

Give your hair an at-home treatment

They don’t call hair your “crowning glory” for nothing. While it’s always a great feeling to step out of a salon with a fresh, blown out ‘do, you can achieve silky smooth tresses on your own without causing a dent in your expenses. A personal favourite is the avocado hair treatment, which is great for dry and damaged hair. According to a feature on Longevity Live, all you need is a ripe avocado and one egg. Mix and mash the two together and apply generously over your hair. You might have to rinse a few times to get all the gunk out, but the results are very worth it. Before you know it, your hair will be soft and glowing again.


*Contributed by Sarah Gill

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