Ensuring your wedding is completely unique

Ensuring your wedding is completely unique

There are many schools of thought when it comes to thinking about weddings, but two stand out above the rest as perhaps the most commonly accepted beliefs. People often like to go for something traditional, perhaps changing up the venue or ensuring it fits in with your cultural roots more appropriately, especially in a cross-cultural wedding. But largely, these weddings pay attention to custom and expectation. This is often the most uniform, because if a parent is to be bankrolling a wedding, they will likely have some say as to how the affair plays out. However, the alternate school of thought suggests that a wedding should be completely customized to the wants and desires of the marrying couple.

It is for these people that this article is dedicated. Sometimes you wish to break tradition and find something you and your partner can really enjoy, and truly call your own. But of course, this will rarely fall into your lap. It takes work, perhaps even more than the traditional. With our advice, your wedding is sure to be completely unique:

Consider Alternative Venues

If you hope to get married in a place of worship, it is absolutely your right to do so, of course provided you send your request with warmth and appreciation, and adhere to the rules of the institution. It might be trendy for people to forgo this and choose other venues, but if this is something you want, you should absolutely feel encouraged to go for it. But of course, tradition, while not easy, can be one of the strongest guides. Sometimes, you might wish to be even more unique.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that you craft yourself a novelty wedding such as people you read about on the news who get married in tyre stockhouses or the local McDonalds. But there’s nothing technically wrong with doing that either. However, it can simply be worthwhile to browse the local event spaces, or perhaps event spaces pertaining to relevant areas of the world. Check out event halls, hotels, large spaces, or even exterior planning areas. It’s not uncommon for exterior marriages to happen in Gazebo’s or in relatively small exterior arenas outside, perhaps even on a beach. In other words, you might be thinking a little to small.


Consider The Experience

The moment-to-moment experience of your wedding is important to consider. How are you to set the timing. Do you wish to rid yourself of pomp and circumstance, get married in a registry office, and then enjoy the rest of your day with people you love, accompanied by the smooth tones offered by the bands available at this site. It might be that you wish to bring some more culturally authentic food to proceedings. Any small decision you act upon could truly develop a more beautiful wedding, a perfect fit for you.


Bring Some Of That Personal Flair

It might be that stocking your wedding with considerations relevant to you could help. For example, asking your nephew who just graduated from a photography course to come and provide backup photography can help the event feel a little more tight-knit. Asking your best friend’s hair salon to sort your wedding hair might be an honour for them, or perhaps your cousin owns a catering firm. Of course, these are extremely specific and convenient examples, but bringing a little of that family/friend connection to proceedings can help your wedding feel a little more personable.


With these tips, your wedding is sure to feel unique in every possible manner.


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