Easy Ways To Adapt Your Child’s Room To Their Changing Tastes

child's bedroom decorAs children grow, their tastes change, and many have strong attachments to particular objects, colours or styles.

It can be hard to keep up with your child’s ever-changing tastes and ideas, as well as their evolving needs, but as a parent you need to stay on top of everything and give your precious little one the upbringing they need to become a well-adjusted adult.

With this in mind, here are some tips on how you can change their room to fit in with their changing tastes and increasing needs as they grow.

Try To Give Them As Much Space As Possible

When you’re gazing down at your tiny, helpless baby, it’s easy to think that they won’t need much space, but as they grow children need more and more room to store their endless belongings and charge about in. As they get even older, children want more space to feel independent and grown up in. Therefore, it’s important that you try to give them a large room as early as possible if you can. It’ll be easier to have them spend their time in the bedroom you want them to grow up in, rather than moving them around as they get older, so even if it feels like a waste to give a little baby a big nursery, just remember that you’ll be saving yourself time as they grow.

Use Time-Saving Products To Change The Décor Quickly

Redecorating a child’s room can be incredibly time-consuming, so use quick and efficient products to help save you time on decorating that can be spent watching your little one grow and flourish. One great product to try is peel and stick wallpaper, which takes the hassle out of repapering your child’s walls every time they want a new design. You can order this online at a site such as Wallsauce, who offers a wide range of creative patterns that will tempt even the most discerning of children, so you can constantly find something that they’ll love.

Rugs Can Quickly Change Their Room’s Appearance

A quick and easy way to make the floor of your child’s room look more cosy, inviting or exciting, depending on their tastes, is to use a rug. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, from expansive fluffy ones to smooth mats that can be drawn on, meaning that there’s something for children of all ages. Rugs can quickly be added or removed as your child prefers, unlike carpet or tiles, which have to be laid professionally every time your child changes their mind. Therefore, they’re the best option for those who want to mix things up and give their child a slightly different space for a new season, birthday, or just because it could use a change.

Choose Adjustable Furniture That Will Grow With Your Child

Children grow at rapidly, particularly when they’re small, so you should invest in adjustable beds and other furniture that can be extended as your child gets bigger. This will mean that you won’t have to buy new furniture for your child every year, saving you time, money and hassle. Some beds can also turn into other pieces of furniture, like sofas and desks, which can be useful if your child doesn’t have a large bedroom or if they’re constantly changing their minds about the activities they want to pursue.

Get Inventive With Storage Solutions

Children will own a lot of toys, books, clothes and other items throughout their lives, so it’s important that you have some storage solutions in their room to keep it looking neat and tidy. There are a variety of creative ways you can store their belongings, most of which are flexible so that you can add more storage units as they’re needed. Remember to declutter your child’s room whenever you can and donate any unneeded or unwanted items to a good cause. It’s often better to do this when your child isn’t present, especially when they’re young and don’t like the idea of giving away their possessions. As they get older and more mature you can include them and make getting rid of unnecessary items a scheduled event throughout the year.

Bedding Is A Great Way To Rejuvenate Their Room Rapidly

If your child wants their room to be changed regularly to keep in line with their latest obsession with a specific TV show, sports team or book character, then consider using their bedding instead of redecorating their bedroom every time they get entranced by a new fad. This is a cheap and easy way to personalise their space and pay homage to their latest interest, without investing a lot of time and money every time they change their mind.

Removable Baby Proofing Items Can Be Taken Away As They Grow

Very young children need safety measures like locks on windows and covers for plug sockets to stop them getting hurt, but as they get older these will become unnecessary. As such, you should use removable baby-proofing devices, rather than making more permeant changes to their room like removing all plug sockets or permanently shutting their window. This will allow you to remove the safety products as they get older and no longer need them, rather than having to completely change their room when they get older because now they want to be able to plug in their laptop to do their homework.

Select A Versatile Changing Table

Being at home with a young child for a long time means that you’ll have to change a lot of dirty nappies. As such, you’ll need a changing table in their bedroom for while they’re still wearing nappies, but you won’t need this once they’re potty trained and old enough to use the bathroom on their own. This means that you should look for a flexible changing table that doubles as a chest of drawers or bookcase, so that once you no longer need it the table will still be useful for storage and won’t look out of place.

Curtains Are Easier To Change Than Blinds

Blinds might be stylish, but they’re harder to change than curtains, and children will want their window coverings to look different as they get older, so curtains are the best option for any kid’s room. When they’re young you can hang thick blackout curtains over the windows to make them go to sleep without distraction, and as they get older you can use colourful curtains to make their space really feel like their own.

Remember: Children Are Fickle

Browsing online and seeing all of the incredible designs that are out their for children’s bedrooms, it’s easy to be tempted to invest a lot of time and energy into creating an intricate and unique space for your little darling, but you should remember that children change their minds regularly. A room that they adore one day can quickly become a space that they won’t step into, no matter how much effort and work you put in to make it look just like that beautiful room you saw on Instagram. Follow these tips and you should be able to keep up with their whims and adapt their room as they grow to ensure they always feel safe and at home in their space.

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