Diamonds And Pearls: A Top Trend For 2020

diamonds and pearlsWith every year that arises there is a new jewellery trend which booms in popularity and takes the fashion world by storm. At the moment the combination of pearl and diamond jewellery is dominating the global jewellery scene. 

Pearls and diamonds are both highly desirable in their own right, thus when they are combined together in one piece of jewellery you can imagine how unique, startling and stunning the overall effect is. If you are looking for that special piece of jewellery which is going to stand out and you can cherish for many years to come, then this is it. 

This is a trend which can be emulated in all types of jewellery; bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. You can get stunning necklaces which follow the pattern of diamond, pearl, diamond, pearl, diamond, and pearl, and so on so forth. There are then unique bracelets which are made from pearl and then have a beautiful diamond charm attached. 

And then there are dazzling earrings which can literally turn a plain outfit into a show stopping ensemble, such as pearl and diamond chandelier earrings. In fact, you can even opt for custom made diamond and pearl jewellery. There are several jewellery design specialists who provide this service and thus you can make this trend even more unique then it already is. And, let’s not forget engagement rings. These Tacori rings are shinier than other platinum rings and combine different design elements like diamonds, so you should certainly take a look.

How to identify quality diamonds and quality pearls

Nevertheless, whilst this new trend is to die for, you need to make sure that you know how to identify quality diamonds and quality pearls. With regards to the former, you need to ensure the diamonds are colourless, there are very little inclusions, and that the diamond is cut to good proportions so that the light does not spill. When it comes to pearls you must concern yourself with the colour, you will need to make sure the luster is dreamy and luxurious, and that the shape is well rounded.

Different types of diamonds and pearls available

There are lots of different types of diamonds and pearls available. When opting for jewellery which combines the both you will be able incorporate an array of different shaped diamonds, including the likes of; oval, emerald, heart, princess, marquise, round, and brilliant. When it comes to pearls they are sourced from seas all over the world and there are some fantastic types available, including; Tahitian pearls (naturally black), Akoya pearls (classic white), Freshwater pearls (pinks and purples), and South Sea pearls (silver and gold). The latter option tends to be the most expensive in price, whilst Akoya pearls are the cheapest.


It is important to remember that pearl jewellery and diamond jewellery are both precious and they need to be handled and crafted with care. This is even more so the case when diamonds and pearls are both combined together. Therefore you need to seek a reputable jeweller.

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