Creating Summer Hygge with Frith Rugs

Creating Summer Hygge with Frith Rugs

Frith rugs Australian sheep skin rug

One of the buzzwords for the past few years has been the Danish word ‘hygge’, meaning to embrace cosiness and comfort in order to feel contentment and well-being. Hygge tends to be thought of as more of an autumn/winter thing, but can hygge be found in the summer months? 

I believe it certainly can, you just have to embrace things in a slightly different way! 

Here is how I create that summer hygge feeling at home.

Create and embrace texture still

Even in the summer when it’s hot and you don’t want to be draped in blankets and throws, I still love to have something ‘comforting’ around me in the home. I love high-thread count sheets on the bed for hot summer nights, and also the feel of soft sheepskin still on my feet when wandering around the bedroom in the cool mornings.

We now have these gorgeous Australian sheepskin rugs from Frith Rugs on both sides of the bed, and also draped on the end to create a textured look.

They feel so soft under foot, and will take us from summer through to Autumn and winter too. I’ve also used one in our living room ‘reading nook’ on the leather chair to add summer cosiness and relaxation, as surprisingly they don’t make you sweaty (obviously how sheep keep cool Down Under!). 

Use natural light

I chose said reading nook corner because it has such great natural light. It means that even well into the evening I can sit and read my book and take advantage of it, where as other rooms in our house get quite dark a lot quicker. Our bedrooms also stay really light for a long time, so I throw open the windows and often hang out here after a cooling shower. Now we’ve got rid of the TV in our bedroom I read more books and magazines and generally feel a lot calmer in this space. 

Feature Fresh Flowers

One thing that always makes me happy at home is having fresh flowers around. They really brighten the space and really define a season more than most aspects of home decor I find. At the moment I am really loving sunflowers!

Eat Outdoors

Now our home is pretty much finished building-wise, I really do love hanging out at home, even more so when the weather is great like it has been lately and we can eat outside. We have some lovely outdoor furniture the we accessorise with cushions and our sheepskin rugs to bring the comfort of indoors outside, all whilst being in the fresh air. BBQs here we come!

Do you follow the principles of hygge? How to you adapt your home in the summer months? 

I’d love to hear your tips and ideas!


*In collaboration with Frith Rugs

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  1. July 21, 2018 / 8:26 am

    Nice rughs. Its also a high class bedding items.

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