Christmas In London: 4 Perfect Ways To Make It Magical

London at Christmas

With it being so close to Christmas now, it’s easy to plan festive things to do. Everywhere you look, events are advertised, posters are up, lights are on and the Starbucks red cups are back! It’s all seasonal, and the major retailers out there play a role in the Christmas festivities. 

When you’re in London over the festive period, you’re lucky. Not only are you in the thick of the city, you’re exposed to some of the biggest and best Christmas markets in the world. You are close by to some of the most impressive Christmas trees, and the Christmas magic is everywhere you look. It’s the one time of year that everyone in the city loves everyone else, and it’s like Christmas is a team event of which everyone takes part. If you’re in the city this Christmas, there is plenty for you to do and you should look at these four magical ways to spend your time this year.

London at Christmas

Museum Ice Skating. Every year, the Natural History Museum erects an ice skating rink and a large, vintage carousel outside its doors. Not only can you take your time around the museum for free, you can head out afterwards and join in the skating fun with your friends and family. Take a ride on the carousel and buy a delicious hot chocolate to really take in the atmosphere.

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park. It’s been over a decade and Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park has gone from a simple funfair themed with Christmas to a huge London event. Heading to your favourite broadway shows from the West of the city can often involve wandering through Hyde Park to get there. Stop to see the ice sculptures before you sip mulled wine at the stalls. Buy fresh pastries and enjoy time spent on the thrill rides involved. Winter Wonderland is huge and cannot be missed if you want to spend time with family this year.

Enchanted Woodland, Syon Park. For an evening walk with a twist, stroll through Syon Park after dark. The trees are magically illuminated and you really feel you’re in an enchanted woodland, with a half an hour trail that will make you feel in awe of all the lights and get you in the spirit of the season. It’s a charming walk that the whole family can enjoy, and you’ll love the magic it brings.

Father Christmas, Harrods. For a truly magical experience this Christmas, a stroll around Harrods must be the one to make it for your family. You need to book in advance for a visit with Father Christmas, but even seeing the Christmas department can get you in the festive mood. Harrods is one of those places where opulence and luxury are in abundance, so take your time

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