Christmas countdown: How to sniff out a bargain in the capital this month

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gift boxesDuring the Christmas period it’s natural for businesses and customers to be looking after the money in their pocket. That’s fair of course, as Christmas can put a lot of financial strain on all of us – there’s lots for everyone to consider. We need to be buying presents and attending those dreaded work Christmas parties, all the while hoping to put a little bit aside for a rainy day.

With this in mind then, it always feels great to find a bargain and save a little bit of money. Thankfully, the powers that be have cottoned on to how much people love a bargain and have made it into a ‘thing’. We’re talking Black Friday, last minute deals, and everything else the consumer world has to offer. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about finding the best bargains in London before Christmas.

Shop Online

While it may not be isolated to London, online shopping is now one of the main ways to find yourself a bargain. A few years ago, the Black Friday sales were purely isolated to in-store purchases, but since the growth of online shopping, taking Black Friday sales online was an obvious step to make.

Websites like Amazon are always offering cut-price deals on electronics, household appliances, and amazing Christmas gifts. Don’t be a sucker, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of a good bargain every now and then, whether it’s before Christmas or during the Boxing Day sales.

Take advantage of One-Off Deals

We’ve mentioned a little bit about Black Friday already, but this and other one-off deals really are one of the best ways to find top deals in the capital. Black Friday itself doesn’t land until December, but planning your major purchases for then, and looking for smaller deals now can be a great way to balance your bargain hunting. Plus, London has everything, all the brands, all the outlets, all the shops, just everything.

Wake up early, work out what you need and what you want and commit to that goal. Otherwise, you may fall into the trap of buying things you don’t need. Don’t worry though, even if you don’t get to London for Black Friday itself, at least you know you’ll have found some good deals in the process.

Last minute hotel deals

The Christmas period is perhaps one of the busiest times for hotels because lots of people are visiting friends and family or taking advantage of time off work with a little holiday to the capital. Last-minute hotel deals are perfect for reducing the expenditure on your Christmas shopping weekend if you’re travelling from outside the city, so why not look into staying at the Dorsett Hotel, Shepherds Bush? You’ll find yourself in the heart of the city, in among all the winter wonderland attractions and all the amazing shops London has to offer.

Hopefully then, you’re now fully prepared for everything the Christmas season has to offer. You’ve planned out a roadmap of every shop in London and the deals their offering. You’ve got your mind set on bargains and Black Friday deals.

You can do it!

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